How to not go it alone! FoCo Cafe

FoCo Cafe

How to not go it alone! FoCo Cafe

In this episode of the DREAM. THINK. DO. podcast, Mitch Matthews talks with the co-founder of FoCo Cafe in Fort Collins, Colorado, Kathleen Baumgardner. This Cafe is a pay-what-you-can gourmet cafe that serves delicious, healthy food to anyone who wants to eat there. The restaurant is making good food accessible to everyone while building community at the same time. Kathleen and her husband Jeff are creating a positive impact both in the lives of the people who eat and serve at the cafe, as well as in their community by coming up with creative and real solutions to the world’s problems…

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Dreams can change.

Sometimes the dreams that we pursue take us to places that surprise even ourselves.

In this episode of DREAM THINK DO, I speak with the co-founder of the FoCo Cafe, Kathleen Baumgardner.  She never dreamed that one day she would own a restaurant. She had never worked a day in a restaurant before. It started with a simple question from her husband and co-founder, Jeff Baumgardner:  

Shouldn’t everyone have access to good food?

Fast forward 5 years and literally hundreds of conversations with people and this Cafe is now an important part of the Fort Collins, Colorado community. It’s a non-profit restaurant that encourages community involvement through things like the pay what you can modal and the free refrigerator that is stocked by the community to help those in need and to prevent food waste.   

Even the story of how this Cafe was built is full of amazing threads of different people contributing and helping to make the Baumgardners’ dream a reality.    

If you have the seed of a dream and you’re not sure if you want to step out and pursue that, this is an episode that can encourage you and help you take that first step.   

In this episode, you will…

  • Hear how to build a community around your big idea
  • Learn about how you can invite other people into your dream
  • Gain insight into fueling your creativity to keep innovating
  • Learn why you should never discount a conversation
  • How to get started with your big idea

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