Niyi Sobo | Break through the fear!

Niyi Sobo | Break through the fear!

Niyi Sobo | Break through the fear!

In this episode of the DREAM. THINK. DO. podcast, be ready to break your fear!

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Have you ever needed to break away from what everyone else expected you to do?

Have you ever needed to step out and take a risk?

Have you ever had to stay the course… even when everything in you wants to give up and run to something “safe?”

If you said yes to any (or all) of these… you need to listen to this week’s DREAM. THINK. DO. Interview.

I talk with successful entrepreneur and former NFL player, Niyi Sobo.

Niyi Sobo is someone who chose his own path… faced his fears… and broke through to play at the highest level of his game!

In this episode, you will…

  • Hear how to prime yourself for success every morning
  • Discover how to stay with it… even when you’re not feeling motivated
  • Learn how to pivot, especially when life doesn’t go exactly as you’d planned
  • Understand how one key concept is at the core of pushing through fear and achieving more success

Even if you’re not a huge sports fan… tune in.  Niyi has some specific strategies to help you to do more of what you were put on the planet to do!

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