Next Level Speaker 2021… wow!

Next Level Speaker 2021

Next Level Speaker 2021… wow!

So… have you ever had one of those “1 + 1 = 100” situations?  Seriously.  When magic just happens!

Well… that’s how things played out with our recent “Next Level Speaker – 2021 LIVE” event!


This past summer, I got the nudge to hold a very special event for speakers.

It was to be designed for people who wanted to take their speaking business… specifically their marketing… to the next level.  Of course… I had goals I wanted everyone to accomplish during our time together.  I had some specific strategies, mindsets and processes to introduce.  I wanted them to get some killer photos.  Plus, I wanted everyone to have an AMAZING time… (because… hey… we were hosting it in my hometown and Des Moines is always full of fun surprises!)

I had some hopes and dreams for this event… but at the same time… I had this feeling that the training, pics, strategies and tools were only an “excuse” for something else… something bigger… to play out!

So we set up the logistics. Found some incredible locations. Got the team, training and tools ready.  Then… we put the invitation out.


That’s when “it” started to happen!

1 + 1 = 100!

What do I mean?

Well… as we marketed the event… and people started to sign up… it was like I was casting for an upcoming blockbuster movie!

Speakers from all walks of life and different parts of the country… all coming together.

Heck, as they each entered the room on the first day… it was like an opening of one of those epic ensemble-cast movies.  Each brought their own vibe and swagger.  And as each entrance was made… you started to see something magical happen.

We’re talking diverse backgrounds with different types of expertise.  We had retired professional athletes, a former special forces operative, podcasters, an actor, a landscape architect, entrepreneurs, life coaches and… oh yeah… an actuary (who’s got a killer TED Talk by the way!)!

And that’s where we come back to the “1 + 1 = 100” equation.

Because each person came in to learn a few things from me… but they also came in ready, open and generous!  There was no comparison in the room.  No measuring.  No division.  It was crazy cool and amazingly refreshing.  It was just a crew of incredible people helping each other to go to the NEXT LEVEL!

So we spent the next 72 hours pouring into each other… and that’s where it started to get exponential!

Of course… we did get some killer photos (see below) and we dug into some game-changing marketing strategies… but we also encouraged each person to be more of who they’re created to be… both as speakers and as humans!

And in the end… I think THAT is what made this an incredible 1 + 1 = 100 experience!

But seriously… check out these photos too!





























Jesse and Travis Crutcher

Lisa Even

André Allen

Ann Wright

Aree Bly

Chuck Thuss

Kevin Urban

Julie Richards

Lynn McGrane Kuhn

Patricia Ortega

And hey… be sure to contact us if you’d like to be on the Waiting List for a Next Level Speaker in the future!










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