Monday morning update!

Monday morning update!

Last week was an example of how life can be a roller coaster ride.

We started with our spring break where we literally got to see spring break in over Sun Valley lake from the deck of a friend’s beautiful cabin. It was ice-covered when we got there on Saturday but within a few days, the lake’s cold lid had receded to accept visiting Canadian geese and local bald eagles. It was a wonderfully quiet getaway and just what the Matthews clan needed!

However, on Monday night we received tragic news from Melissa’s (my wife) family that her 21-year old cousin had passed away. As you can imagine, this was a true shock and it broke our hearts. I’ll share more on this in the days to come, but right now it’s a bit too tender to dive into. I will say that it was the ultimate reminder that life is precious and we can’t take it for granted. Yes… more on this later.

This week is a wild week… and I can’t wait!

On Thursday, I’m freakishly excited and honored to share the stage with Dr. Mollie Marti at the Leadership Challenge in Cedar Falls. It’s an event sponsored by the Cedar Falls Jaycees and we’re going to help folks to be dreaming BIG, achieving more and connecting at ninja-levels. It should be dangerously fun!

I’m also in the final phase of releasing my new book called Ignitea little book to spark your big dreams. I’m about out of my flippin’ skin on this. I’ll be sharing more on this in the coming days, but I just wanted to let you know that we’re close… REALLY close. By the way, I’ve been wildly blessed to get to work with visual author and friend Jocelyn Wallace to make this book happen. If you don’t know Jocelyn… you should. Click here to check out her stuff and experience her unique perspective on living life and achieving more!

On the coaching front…

I’ve got some of the coolest clients right now. Some are simply working on taking their lives to a new level and some are getting ready to launch businesses that will bless your flippin’ socks off! Oh and one is experiencing breakthroughs that are having a massive impact on her city! (I’m just so proud of these folks! I promise total confidentiality to my clients so I can’t share too much. But as some of this becomes public, I’ll be letting you know!)

Plus, we just certified another round of freakishly cool elite life coaches, and I get to spend some time with our latest grads this week too!

On the BIG Dream Gathering front…

We may get to announce our next BDG this week! So stay tuned!

Plus, we have some fun updates from some fellow big dreamers…

Denise Forney posted a big dream a number of years ago about using music to teach and inspire kids. She’s been making some huge strides in this area and has an event in the Des Moines area that you can check out with your own kiddos. Just click here to find out more!

Also, big dreamer and friend, Tim Denner, let us know that his band just signed a record deal and are headed out on a 50+ city tour this summer! The band is Syndrome of Fire and they’re first to single just got released on Itunes. So check ’em out!

We also heard from other big dreamers in the past week that have signed book deals and who are launching their businesses. We’ll have more on these updates in the weeks to come!

So, okay… as I write this… I’m excited and wildly grateful all at the same time!

How about you?

How was your spring break?

Plus… what are some of the updates on your big dreams and goals? Who are you connecting with?

Yup… yup… let us know what’s happening with you!

Have a fantastic week and keep dreaming BIG,


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