Mitch Matthews – Recognized Authority on Coaching and Work-Place Mentoring

Mitch Matthews has always had a heart for coaching and mentoring. In fact, he started early.  He was coaching sales people and leading seminars while still in college.  Then later in his career, he mentored leaders while he was a corporate training manager for a $ 2 billion pharmaceutical company.

Now Mitch works with entrepreneurs, leaders and globe changers to help them to dream bigger, think better and do more.


His passion for coaching and his dedication to help people to DREAM. THINK. DO., lead him to start his own Elite Life and Business Coaching Practice in 2002.

Due to his unique approach to coaching and his rapid success, Mitch was asked to sit on the Franklin Covey Innovation Advisory Board for Professional Coaching.

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Mitch Matthews - The Coach Mindset

After building his own successful coaching practice, Mitch decided to create his own coach training and certification program in 2008.  The program is called “The Coach Mindset – Elite Life Coach Training and Certification” and has been delivered in LIVE and online formats.

TCM has helped thousands of coaches from across the United States, Canada and around the world to build successful AND sustainable coaching practices.


“I think Mitch can help you jump start your coaching practice.

His training program will help you figure out how to start a coaching practice, learn coaching skills and market your coaching services like many of the highest-paid coaches in the world do.

I say go for it – Mitch knows how to train great coaches.”Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 7.52.32 AM

Brendon Burchard – Founder of Experts Academy and Author of the New York Times best sellers THE CHARGE and The Millionaire Messenger


In 2010, Mitch’s corporate speaking clients began to request that he design programs that would help to infuse practical and powerful coaching & mentoring strategies in their leadership DNA.

As a result, Mitch’s “Next Generation Leadership” series was launched.

Mitch Matthews' Elite Mentor Manager

Programs like Mitch’s “Elite Mentor Manager” teach leaders how to increase engagement, improve performance and build loyalty through effective mentoring strategies that work in the real world.

 “As a fast growing company, we have to be mindful of how to grow and how to promote new leadership into key positions.  Mitch’s Elite Mentor Manager program made a big impact on that effort.

Bringing Mitch in to help our leadership understand what we’re up against was crucial to understanding mentoring and how to use it to prepare for the upcoming generational shift.

The cost benefit is a no-brainer.  I just wish we would have talked to him sooner.”

– Travis Ensley – Senior Director of Quality Assurance – Workiva

Mitch is passionate about teaching coaching and mentoring strategies that are proven, powerful and immediately applicable!

If you’re interested in infusing more of a mentoring approach into your leadership team’s DNA then CONTACT US to bring Mitch in to your organization!



The Iowa Chronic Care Consortium approached Mitch and his team to partner together to enhance their award-winning Clinical Health Coach Training and bring this incredible program online.

Mitch helped to improve the instructional design of the program. He also facilitated much of the content focused on coaching mindset and strategy.

Clinical Health Coaches are “behavior change specialists” who use coaching strategies to partner with patients to identify health goals that put them on the road to confident self-management of their chronic condition(s).

This training has been utilized by organizations like Ochsner, the Cleveland Clinic, Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield and the Colorado Community Health Network.

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