Mitch Matthews | Bridge Jobs: The key to finding your dream job

dream job redefined - Mitch Matthews

Mitch Matthews | Bridge Jobs: The key to finding your dream job

Mitch Matthews | Bridge Jobs: The key to finding your dream job

This week, Mitch Matthews helps you to answer the question: “How do I get there from here?” In his research for his upcoming book, “Dream Job: Redefined – The New Rules for Creating a Career that Matters and Doing Work You Love,” he found story after story of people either finding or creating their dream job. The key was that they started with what Mitch calls a “Bridge Job.” In this episode, Mitch will explain what a Bridge Job is, why you need one, how to select one and/or how to retrofit your current job into one. This powerful strategy has helped countless people get unstuck and finding a career that matters and work they love. Please share this powerful episode.

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He looked polished and professional.  But… deep down… his eyes were sad.

His question was, “So how do I get to my dream job from where I’m at now?”

My response “Find a Bridge Job.”

I understood his question.  He wasn’t in a dream job.  He didn’t love his work and he didn’t feel like his work really mattered.  He longed for a career where he could feel passion for what he did on a day to day basis… but he wasn’t there.

More importantly, even though he was unfulfilled in his current work… he didn’t have a ton of spare time or spare cash.  He couldn’t just take a month off to “find himself.”  He couldn’t just quit and take some blind leap of faith.  

He had responsibilities.  He had things (and people) he needed to take care of.

So… he needed a “Bridge Job.”

What’s a “Bridge Job?”

I cover it in this week’s DREAM THINK DO episode.  Plus, I talk through how to either find a Bridge Job or retrofit your current job into a Bridge Job… so you can finally get to your next Dream Job.  And don’t worry… this isn’t some airy-fairy approach pointing you to some unrealistic… cotton candy… rainbow-puffy-print type dream job.  (Although cotton candy is pretty tasty.)  

Nope.  I used this approach myself to launch my own dream career.  Plus, in all my research for my upcoming book, “Dream Job: Redefined,” I saw this same strategy used by many of the people I’d interviewed who’d either FOUND or CREATED their own dream jobs.  

So I wanted to share it with you!

Enjoy… and let me know what stands out to you.  Leave a comment and let me know which part of this approach you’re going to try.

Keep bringing your awesome,


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