Mitch Matthews | Breathe: What a horse taught me about inner peace.

28 Mar Mitch Matthews | Breathe: What a horse taught me about inner peace.

This week, Mitch does a Deep Dive and talks about time he spent with an Equine Therapist.  The experience taught him a lot about what it means to be in the moment, fully present and peaceful.  Plus, Mitch shares a simple but powerful strategy that will help you to take a breath in the middle of a busy day and feel more peace so you can be at your best… and not miss the important moments in life.

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Seems like everyone’s feeling stressed out and anxious lately.  

Maybe you’ve got a freakishly full schedule… maybe you’ve got a co-worker that’s being a jackweed… or maybe you get twisted up in knots as you think about the future.  

STUFF.  It can pile up.  It can get in the way.  It can zap our ability to be at peace, be in the moment, be at our best and really enjoy life.

Recently, I spent some time with a horse (& an equine therapist).  It taught me a LOT.

I talk about it in this episode.  Plus, I offer up a 5-minute strategy you can use to be fully present and in the moment… even in the middle of those crazy-busy days!

Plus, I share a story (captured in the video below) that will stick with me the rest of my days.


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After this episode, we’re taking a two week hiatus.  During our downtime, I’d LOVE to hear from you and get your thoughts on what YOU want to hear more of.  Who have been some of your favorite interviews and what have been some of your favorite topics so far? What subjects would you like me to dig into next?  Who would you like me to interview? Leave a comment below and let me know more of what YOU want!

I talk about this more in the episode too.  So listen in and let me know!

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