Lessons From Giants – Keys To Innovative Thinking

Dr. Anthony Paustian

Lessons From Giants – Keys To Innovative Thinking

In this episode of the DREAM. THINK. DO. podcast, Mitch Matthews talks with Dr. Anthony Paustian (“Tony”), who has published a new book A Quarter Million Steps, which chronicles the history of the Apollo program and lessons we can apply to our own lives. He also helped to build and launch DMACC West, the first technologically focused college campus. DMACC now hosts an annual conference – Celebrate! Innovation Week (ciWeek) – that brings global thought leaders to share their stories and inspire the next generation.

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We are all inspired in different ways.

Dr. Anthony Paustian or “Tony”, my guest on today’s episode, grew up in a generation that was deeply impressed by the Apollo program.

And he, in turn, strives to motivate the next generation in the same way that he drew inspiration from the men who walked on the moon.

He’s written a book that delves into the history of the Apollo program with the desire to help us learn how we can be more creative, innovative and focused on accomplishing what we need to get done.

Another way he’s helping to foster innovation is through ciWeek, which hosts speakers at the top of their industry to share their insights with audiences on innovation and achieving success.

Listen in to hear Tony’s thoughts on how we can become more successful by learning a lesson from looking into the past.

In this episode, you will…

  • Hear about how space programs and sci-fi fostered innovation
  • Learn lessons from history that can help you be more productive
  • Gain insight into how some technology could be hindering innovation
  • Learn why passion is key to having a good work ethic

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