JuVan Langford | Mentoring Makes the Difference

JuVan Langford | Mentoring Makes the Difference

JuVan Langford | Mentoring Makes the Difference

In this episode of the DREAM. THINK. DO. podcast discover how you can change lives through mentoring with JuVan Langford!

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To say that my guest today had some early setbacks in his life would be a massive understatement. After losing his father to leukemia and bearing witness to his mother’s battle with substance abuse, JuVan Langford was placed into foster care.

Today, he is a teen advocate who looks to help young men to see beyond their circumstance and gives them tools to tackle the challenges they face.

In this episode, you will…

  • Learn the important difference between calling children out and calling them forward
  • Hear the impact that mentorship has had in JuVan’s life and how you can pour your knowledge into others as well
  • Discover how reframing the stories you tell yourself can shift your outlook and empower you to take action and show up
  • Find out how JuVan overcame his fear of connecting with men and how he is helping young men who have suffered abuse to forge connections with mentors

Listen in.  Get inspired.  Get equipped.

Make the difference you were put on the planet to make!

Let’s do this.


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