John Michael Morgan | From College Drop-Out to the “Chuck Norris”

John Michael Morgan | From College Drop-Out to the "Chuck Norris" of Branding

John Michael Morgan | From College Drop-Out to the “Chuck Norris”

Branding expert John Michael Morgan talks with Mitch Matthews for the DREAM. THINK. DO. Podcast.

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“I just knew what I did not want, and I was unwilling to accept other people’s expectations to be thrown on me.” Tweet This

Are you feeling the pressure from those around you?  Do you make life decisions based on what you “should” do?  Stop right now!!  In this episode, Mitch Matthews is joined by John Michael Morgan, successful author of “Brand Against The Machine,” entrepreneur of three online businesses, and the man who gave himself permission to break expectations and live out his dreams!

“We’re never going to outperform our own self-image.” Tweet This

Now you can learn about John’s whopping four minutes of college life (2:44) and his tips to help you figure out what you truly enjoy (11:09).  But do you still have doubts that maybe what you dream of isn’t the best decision? Don’t let fear be your excuse!  John gives you the tools to push through your fears (17:29) and get clear on your results (14:46), so you can stride towards your dreams with confidence.

“Everyone is self-made, but only the successful will admit it.” –Earl Nightingale Tweet This

It’s time to stop living someone else’s expectations and start living YOUR dream!!

So listen in and find out how to begin today!



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