Jeff Goins | Grow Your Tribe: Building Community

Jeff Goins | Grow Your Tribe: Building Community in the Age of Internet Fame

Jeff Goins | Grow Your Tribe: Building Community

In this episode of the DREAM. THINK. DO. podcast with Jeff Goins you’ll learn why the internet age is the PERFECT time to build your community!

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Do you have an incredible idea or product and want to get it to everyone who needs it?  Then it’s time for you to build a tribe!

Jeff Goins is here to help you create a community, one that supports you and loves to hear what you have to say.  Jeff is a full-time writer and rocks at building tribes, he went from 0 to over 100,000 followers in just 18 months, and has a website that’s visited by millions.  Now… Jeff wants to help you spread YOUR message!

Find out why building a tribe is so important and learn the specific steps to growing your community.  Don’t get in a funk because you think your following is low, discover how to change your mindset and honor the community you already have, then allow them to help you expand.

You have an awesome idea; it’s time to build your tribe so that idea can keep growing!

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Episode Resources

Jeff’s free (and amazing videos) on building a tribe!

Jeff’s Website: Jeff


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