James Swanwick | Achieving Dreams and Breaking Rules

James Swanwick | Achieving Dreams and Breaking Rules

James Swanwick | Achieving Dreams and Breaking Rules

James Swanwick shares his story of achieve goals by breaking some rules on this episode of the DREAM. THINK. DO. podcast with Mitch Matthews

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Picasso once said,

“Learn the rules like a pro, so you can learn to break them like an artist.”

My guest on the DREAM. THINK. DO. podcast did just that to land his dream job of being an anchor for ESPN.

That’s right!

I’m joined by the one-and-only James Swanwick.

Listen in as I talk with James about how he defied the odds, broke the rules and earned a seat at the coveted ESPN desk.

By the way, James didn’t hit a home run the first time. In fact, he choked on his audition. So hear how he defied the odds.. TWICE!  Plus, learn how to break through your fear too!

“You cannot eliminate fear; you cannot. But you can push through it and you can move forward.” Tweet This

More importantly, we’ll talk through James’ 5-step plan for breaking through fears (and some of the rules) to make YOUR big dreams a reality!

“I was willing to set fire to $2,000 for just the chance.” Tweet This

Learn from the tips James shares with you, which are based on his personal experiences, and ones he still uses to push himself towards new goals.  And now you can do the same.

Fear will come; but your dream is bigger than the fear.  So go for the dream in spite of it. This episode will help show you the way!

“If those goals, as I’m writing them down, don’t make me want to throw up a little bit… then they’re probably not big enough.” Tweet This




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