It was a true honor…

It was a true honor…

Melissa (my amazing bride) and I were honored to be inducted into the Van and Bonnie Hall of Heroes this morning.

This was a true honor for us… especially because it came from Van and Bonnie who are true heroes in our home state of Iowa. They have been an incredible team on the bull horn of our great state… WHO Radio. Plus, they’re just great (and fun) people!

Then we also got to spend some time with a new friend… Jack Lashier. He’s the director for the Iowa Hall of Pride… and one of the sponsors of the Van and Bonnie’s Hall of Heroes. If you haven’t checked out the Iowa Hall of Pride… you should go. It’s the picture of Iowans who have walked out some of their big dreams… and… as a result… have made a big impact on our state… our nation and our world. So yeah… it’s really worth a visit.

All that to be said, it was a little humbling to be honored in this way.

But hopefully… the story will inspire more people to think about some of their own big dreams… and begin to give themselves permission to pursue those dreams in some small but significant way!

Keep dreaming big and helping others to do the same,

Mitch Matthews

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