How can you get on the field?

How can you get on the field?

How can you get on the field?


How does a QB with only 2 years NFL experience… make it to the biggest game in the sport and own it like a 10-year veteran?


He got on the field!


One of my favorite “behind the scenes” stories to emerge from the Super Bowl last night was of Seattle Seahawk’s Russell Wilson’s journey to the Super Bowl… last year.

“Wait, what?”  You might be saying.  “He didn’t make it to the Super Bowl last year!”

True.  He didn’t.

But after loosing to the Atlanta Falcons in the playoffs last year… QB Wilson still made arrangements to attend last year’s Super Bowl.  He even figured out how to be on the field as the teams warmed up.  He walked the halls.  He saw the press. He heard the fans.

He wanted to see what the Super Bowl experience was like… before he was in it.  He wanted to take it all in.  He wanted to prepare.

He got on the field.

And… it made all the difference.

As a result, he was able to walk into this Super Bowl this year having a better understanding of what to expect.  It wasn’t his first time to experience it.  So he was more ready.

Yup… I love that.

How could we get on the field?

Think about it… What’s one of your big goals or dreams?

Now ask yourself, “How could you get out on the field?”

How could you go and see what it’s going to be like?  How could you experience it first hand?  How could you get a real taste of what it’s going to feel like to accomplish that goal?  How could you get ready for the final steps of hitting that target?

How can you get out on the “field” to take it all in and begin to feel like a veteran… even though you might still be a newbie?

Who’s office could you visit?

What building could you explore?

What stage could you walk on to?

Who could you start helping in a small but significant way?

(Hey… and just for fun… what car could you take for a test drive?)

How about it?

How could you get on the field now… so that when opportunity knocks… you’re ready?

Think about it and leave a comment with how you might “take the field” in your march toward one of your own big dreams.

  • Carrie Wilkerson
    Posted at 19:42h, 03 February Reply

    I do this often Mitch! It really is KEY in ‘believing is SEEing and feeling!’ — I even took my 9yo to Broadway so she could see a show, meet actors backstage, STAND on the stage and feel it for herself!

    Love this and love that his dad’s mantra for him was ‘why NOT you?’

    • mitchellamatthews
      Posted at 19:53h, 03 February Reply

      LOVE that Carrie! That’s EXACTLY what I’m talking about! I can only imagine what that did in and for your daughter! LOVE it.

      Oh… and yes… LOVED their reference to his dad’s mantra. It’s a good one for all of us!

  • stlhdsal
    Posted at 22:03h, 03 February Reply

    wonderful post, Carrie! Wilson got rid of the distraction of being in the biggest game of his life, before he played it. Thank you for sharing this story.

  • katherine
    Posted at 03:49h, 04 February Reply

    one of my high school coaches used to say “act like you’ve been there before” – as in don’t go crazy when you make the touchdown/basket/win the race, keep your head, act like you’ve been there and belong there. Actually going to the place you want to be/talking to other who are there, helps you know what to expect. I have spent the last few month connecting with people who are where I want to be so I can follow in their steps/stand on their shoulders.

    • mitchellamatthews
      Posted at 04:01h, 04 February Reply

      Pure awesome Katherine! Love it!

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