Scott Ginsberg | Having The Guts To Be You

Scott Ginsberg | Having The Guts To Be You

Scott Ginsberg | Having The Guts To Be You

Scott Ginsberg (AKA: The Name Tag Guy) talks with Mitch Matthews for the DREAM. THINK. DO. podcast.

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“All of these opportunities sort of came to me, and all I did was raise my hand and say, ‘yeah, I’ll do that.’” Tweet This 

Hello, my name is _____; most of us remove those nametags as soon as possible.  But one man has been wearing his for 5,182 days and counting.  Scott Ginsburg took his impulse to be different and turned it into a successful company, 30 books, and one of the top business blogs on the web.  Now he’s joining Mitch Matthews to help you have the guts to be true to yourself and wear your name with pride.

“It’s hard to dream alone.” Tweet This

In this episode, you will learn how Scott first began his nametag experiment when he was just 19 years old (6:37) and how it developed into something more meaningful than most people could have thought possible.  He also gives you tips on how to protect your own thinking (12:43), so you can take your ideas and run with them.  Scott is not afraid to go against the grain and be himself, and has discovered these methods to promote further progress towards his dreams:

  • Recognize and remove what you don’t excel at (22:08)
  • Find your opportunity filters (24:48)
  • Know your intrinsic triggers (30:26)

Learn more about these methods, as well as countless other tips and insights.  Listen to Scott and gain the secrets to letting your true self flourish.  Dare to be different; dare to be YOU!

“I became viral before viral was viral.” Tweet This


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What’s In A Nametag?

1 Comment
  • Jane Berlin
    Posted at 23:00h, 05 February Reply

    This podcast episode was more meaningful to me then you could ever know. I’m not ramble on into details that don’t really matter anyways. I just wanted to thank you!
    And to anybody considering giving the podcast a listen…do it, and keep going all the way through till the end. I’m going to admit that mid way through I almost turned them off because they started to annoy me. I’m so glad I didnt! Great, great podcast!!

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