Hamilton Perkins | Turning Trash Into Fashion

An interview with Hamilton Perkins

Hamilton Perkins | Turning Trash Into Fashion

In this episode of the DREAM. THINK. DO. podcast, Mitch Matthews talks with Hamilton Perkins, founder of the Hamilton Perkins Collection, a fashion company focused on sustainable basics. The Collection is made from recycled billboard advertisement vinyl and other repurposed plastic products and has been featured in Forbes, Fast Company, The Washington Post and Money Magazine.

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How often is it that we hear about someone getting slapped upside the head with their dream job or career?   It’s usually a bit more subtle and requires us to pursue opportunities as opposed to just having them fall into our lap.

That was definitely the case for our DREAM THINK DO guest this week.

Hamilton Perkins is has always had a passion for entrepreneurship.  It started with his first business in middle school.  (He sold decorations for his fellow-student’s lockers for a dollar a piece!)   He got shut down, but the entrepreneurial bug had bit him.  

From there on he always had a side project, from his time in business school where he used his fellow students as a sample audience to develop ideas, to his time in commercial banking where he sacrificed countless happy hours with co-workers to do the exciting work of researching zippers and other functional aspects of his future products.

Where most people give up on an idea…Hamilton kept taking action until he was walking out his dreams.

More importantly, he offers some brilliant advice you can use to start doing the same.

In this episode, you will…


  • Learn how to build a profitable business before quitting your job
  • Hear how Hamilton used crowdfunding to take his business to the next level (plus we get specific on what he’d do differently next time!)
  • Gain insight into how you can leverage even the smallest network to your advantage
  • Learn helpful tips on growing your network and building relationships


  • Understand simple but powerful strategies to start right where you are

Episode Resources:

Visit the Hamilton Perkins Collection HERE



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