Free Sections from IGNITE – A little book to spark your big dreams!

Free Sections from IGNITE – A little book to spark your big dreams!

Free Sections from IGNITE – A little book to spark your big dreams!

Who doesn’t like FREE? Right?!?

Especially when that cool FREE thang can spark some of your BIG (and little) dreams!

That’s why we’re doing this.

We want to offer up a taste of IGNITE… for free!


We want to encourage you to dream a little BIGGER!

That’s right. In this free download, you’ll be able to read how our own big dreams we’re on the ropes. We were ready to give up. Instead… we wound up throwing a party.

Weird… right?

But that party changed our life. And in some ways… it might change yours too!

We want to challenge you to encourage some of the big dreams in your family!

Seriously… some of my favorite stories from people who have grabbed a copy of IGNITE have come in from people who have dug into the book as a family. They’ve read it while on road trips. They’ve read sections for bedtime stories. (I’ve hoped that didn’t mean that the stories were putting them to sleep! hee hee) They’ve read the book over dinner (which did lead to one tragic book-gravy pile up that we won’t go into here!).

The coolest thing is to hear parents tell us about their kid’s dreams… and kids (of all ages) tell us about their parent’s dreams. We’ve heard about that “favorite uncle’s” dream as well as that “crazy aunt’s” dream!

What are some of your family’s big dreams? What if you used this as an excuse to ask ’em?

We want to support you as you go out and ask some of your friends about their big dreams.

What are some of your friends’ big dreams? Do you know?

We didn’t know until we started asking. Then we were blown away by what happened.

One friend’s dream connected with another friend’s dream. Or another friend’s goal totally meshed with something we wanted to do and we helped each other to go after our shared dreams.

And sometimes… asking just gave us a chance to get to know a friend better… and offer some encouragement in a new way.

So… there was no downside to asking your friends about their dreams. Only upside.

What if you gave it try?

I bet you’ll dig it.

Click here to download your FREE selections from IGNITE – A little book to spark your big dreams!

Okay… so we hope you enjoy this free download!

Please Share!

If you do… please share it with a friend!

We’d love for these free sections to be spread around and we could use your help to do it! So thanks in advance for that!

IGNITE on Amazon

Lastly… if you’d like to grab a copy of IGNITE from Amazon… you can do that by clicking here!

Okay… that’s it.

Keep dreaming BIG and helping others to do the same,

Mitch Matthews

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