Bonus Episode: Justin Wise | Finding Your Voice


Bonus Episode: Justin Wise | Finding Your Voice

Justin Wise (author & social media ninja) talks with Mitch Matthews for the DREAM. THINK. DO. Podcast on Finding Your Voice.

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What do experiments have to do with your dream job?  Everything!

In this bonus episode Mitch Matthews is joined by his good friend, Justin Wise.  Justin is the founder of Think Digital, a social media training company.  Some of his clients include Triple X Church, Compassion, Bethel University, and super blogger Michael Hyatt.  Justin’s current dream job as a social media ninja is one that he created for himself through hard work, impressive stick-to-it-ness, and yes, some serious experimenting.

“Going after your dream job is messy, you pay dues for it, you work hard, and you take risks” Tweet This

Listen to Justin’s stories and strategies so you can learn how to get your dream job from someone who knows the journey.  Start with a day in the life of Justin (4:13) as he shares the rhythm that works for him and how he was able to find one that’s sustainable.  Having this structure allowed him to discover the time when he’s at his most creative, when he can crank out his best quality writing (8:11).  And, of course, find out Justin’s tips for experiments, such as:

  • Past experiments that led to his current job (12:11)
  • How to experiment with limited risks (15:43)
  • Why you need to push through fear (21:53)

Justin knows that there is no secret formula that only successful people have the recipe for.  To get your dream job you have to start!  There’s no one to tell you when it’s your turn to go, so listen in and then start your experiments today!!

“The only thing I’ve done different is that I started” Tweet This



Want to learn more about Justin Wise & then check out these sites.

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