Ever have a great idea get crushed?

Ever have a great idea get crushed?

Ever have a great idea get crushed?

Here’s a question for you.  Have you ever attended a conference and heard a speaker share some solid ideas that you really wanted to try… but you forgot them by the time your suitcase hit your bedroom floor?    Or… have you read a legit book full of great tips that you wanted to start using right away… but within a week of your crazy-busy life… you were finding it hard to remember any of them?

Yeah… me too.

What causes this?

It’s something I call the Intellectual Immune System.  I talked about it at a TEDx event.

Overcome YOUR “Intellectual Immune System”

How do you increase the chance that you’ll grab a freakishly cool idea… and implement it?

The key is to experiment with the concept and make it your own.

I shared some questions in the video but here are more to help:

  • How would I need to change this to fit my world?
  • What’s one small but significant step I can take on this?
  • Who could I teach this concept to?

Want to go even further?  Add a time frame to the question.

  • How could I experiment with this idea in the next week?
  • What part of this idea would I like to try in the next 24 hours?
  • Who could I share this idea with in the next 3 days?

Try it.

But hey… don’t just take my work for it (because your Intellectual Immune System will body slam the idea into oblivion!)!  Take one of the questions and make it your own.  Tweak it.  Put your own spin on it!  See where it takes you!

Want more?

Click here to download even more questions to help you beat your own I.I.S.


Plus, you’ll get some bonus questions to use when you’re leading a team!

Decide what you want to apply it to.

Experiment.  Test it.  Make it your own.

Then… let me know how it goes! Click comments and share your story, idea or epiphany.

Oh and hey… if you dig this idea… please share it.  There are WAY too many great ideas that are getting crushed every day by the Intellectual Immune System.  Let’s beat it together and get more of your greatness out there!

Keep bringing your awesome… the world needs it,




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