Navigating Difficult Conversations

Navigating Difficult Conversations

Navigating Difficult Conversations

In this deep dive episode, Mitch shares how you can navigating difficult conversations in your life.

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Recently, a listener asked me a really great question that was really worth digging into:

How do you navigate a difficult conversation? 

Hey… we’ve all had them.

Tough conversations where you either feel like you’re walking on eggshells… OR you’re a bull in a China shop because you’re hoppin’ mad!

These conversations are tough… but it’s critical to handle them well.  Amen?

So…  if you want better handle those situations…  this DREAM. THINK. DO. episode is for you!

I’ll discuss the 4 Steps to Navigating a Difficult Conversation and break each step down to give you some easy-to-follow guidelines.  And of course, I’ll also share some stories of how these steps have played out in my own life.  (I’ll even share one that’s a bit embarrassing for me, but it will help me to make my point.)

Plus, you’ll find out how to avoid “combat mentality” and the infamous “G.L.F.” (Don’t know what that is? You’ll soon find out!).

“The real enemy is not your conversational counterpart, but the combat mentality itself.” Tweet This

So whether the person you’re conversing with is your spouse, your best friend or just a total jack weed at the office, you’ll know how to navigate the situation and reach a satisfying outcome!


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