Dream jobs, honest trailers and becoming Optimus

Dream jobs, honest trailers and becoming Optimus

Dream jobs, honest trailers and becoming Optimus

In this episode of the DREAM. THINK. DO. podcast, be ready to believe in yourself and start dreaming!

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Have you ever dreamed of doing something that seemed impossible?

That’s definitely Jon Bailey’s story.  (He’s my DTD guest this week.)

Just a few years ago, Jon was managing a Chick Fil-a, but his dream was to do voice-over work.

It didn’t make sense… but with the support of his wife, he started to work his dream job on the side.  Now Jon has over 300 movie trailers to his credit and he’s the voice of “Honest Trailers” on the YouTubes.  (HT’s get about 3+million views per video)

Plus, at the most recent Comi-Con in San Diego… it was announced that Jon secured one of the most sought-after roles in the industry! (You’ll have to listen to the interview to get THAT story!)

That’s right.  On today’s DREAM. THINK. DO. Episode, Jon and I talk about his story and how he took specific steps to create his own dream job!

In this episode, you will hear how Jon:

  • Started small… and how you can too!
  • Experimented over and over to get his voice and his business model just right
  • Decided to build his dream job right from where he was living
  • Used the power of relationships to land some of his biggest jobs

Plus, you’ll get to hear some of Jon’s epic voices along the way too!

This is one of my most fun… and inspiring interviews yet.  So be sure to check it out!

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