Dream Big. Achieve more. Digging into the Myths of the Overworked Creative

Dream Big. Achieve more. Digging into the Myths of the Overworked Creative

As we begin to dream big and achieve more… we also know we’ll need to increase our capacity to get things done!

Because of that… I’m always digging into strategies to help us all do just that.

No rainbows and little unicorns.

Not pie in the sky… rainbows and butterflies and little unicorns… kinds of strategies. But hard core strategies to help us achieve more of the freakishly cool stuff we’re put on the planet to do.

Now… at the same time… I don’t mean strategies that simply call for us to work more hours. (Although that tends to be our default… or at least my default.) Because I don’t know about you… but my goal is to increase my impact… without increasing the amount of time I’m “at work.”

So… as I pursue these strategies… I also want to share the things that I’m coming across.

Today I want to share a piece of brilliance via The99Percent.com.

It’s Tony Schwartz speaking on the “Myths of the Overworked Creative.”

Now… I’ve watched this video a number of times and each time… I pick up something new.

In it… Tony… from the “Energy Project” digs into…

  • How we need to adapt to the world that is calling us to turn out more work in less times… and how the technology that has been designed to increase our performance may actually be working against us.
  • How we can actively develop our creative muscles and our “getting #$%^” muscle in the same way we can develop our bicep or our tricep
  • How we do these things might in fact be contrarian to how most of the world goes about getting things done

So… here’s the thing.

Dig in.

I want to challenge you to watch this video and share some of the thoughts that stand out to you.

What surprises you? What ticks you off? What do you agree with? What is something you want to try from what ol’ Tony is sharing?

I’ll be sharing some of my ideas in the days to come… but I’d love to hear from you on this. Let’s dig in and learn together.

Comment and let me know.

Keep dreaming big and helping others to do the same,

Mitch Matthews

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