Dream Big. Achieve more. And… set a record with Susan!

25 Jun Dream Big. Achieve more. And… set a record with Susan!

You know that I’m all about helping you to dream bigger and achieve more!

Well… that’s why I’m so freakishly excited to announce that I’ll be speaking at an event that YOU can participate in!Screen-shot-2012-06-25-at-8.29.02-AM-300x126

The event is “Break a Record with Susan!”

It’s going to be the the world’s longest LIVE uninterrupted webcast!

That’s right!

36 Hours of Amazing Content!

36 hours of great content from best-selling authors like The “E-Myth‘s” Micheal Gerber, The “Pit-Bull of Personal Development” Larry Winget, “The Go-Giver‘s” Bob Burg, Branding Guru and New York Times Best Seller Chris Brogan… and more.

And I’ll be in the line up too!

Speakers and Schedulebreak a record with susan

To check out the amazing list of speakers… click here.

To check out the schedule… click here.


What is possibly the most freakishly cool thing about this event… is due to Susan’s hard work and some great sponsors… the event is FREE to attend!

That means you can tune in through out the 36 hours… for FREE!

So starting on Wednesday, June 27 at 9 am (est) and running until 9 pm on Thursday, June 28, you can click here to tune in and participate!

ENGAGE with me!

On Wednesday, at 3 pm (est)… I’ll be speaking on ENGAGEMENT.

That’s right.

I’ll be talking about the impending crisis in the U.S. of how employee engagement is at an all time low… and how that is having an impact on innovation, production and loyalty. More importantly… I’ll be offering specific strategies to enable you to increase engagement in yourself and others!

Now… this might seem like a little bit of a departure from my normal subjects of dreaming bigger and achieving more… but in actuality… coaching concepts are at the heart of each of these solutions.

And this topic has now become a HUGE part of my consulting and training work that I do with larger organizations… so I want to share these ideas with you!


Seriously… what do you need to go after some of those big dreams of yours? A shot of inspiration? Some practical organizational tips? Some entrepreneurial know-how? Some freakishly powerful leadership strategies?

Well… that’s what this event is all about. So check out the list of speakers and topics… plug in… and get what you need to go after those big dreams!

I can’t wait to see you there!

Keep dreaming big and helping others to do the same,

Mitch Matthews

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