Dondi Scumaci | Finding Your Purpose in the Real World

Dondi Scumaci | Finding Your Purpose in the Real World

Dondi Scumaci | Finding Your Purpose in the Real World

Best-selling author Dondi Scumaci shares how to find your purpose on this episode of the DREAM. THINK. DO. podcast with Mitch Matthews

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If you’re like 70% of the workforce… you’re unsatisfied with your current career.

Plus… there’s a very good chance that you’d like to make some changes… but you’re not sure where to start.

If that sounds familiar… it’s time for you to learn from Dondi Scumaci, best-selling author and mentoring expert.  This Texan, with a heart as big as her state, travels the world  speaking about simple but powerful concepts that will equip you to… as she says… “design your own career.”

That might sound like a big promise… but Dondi delivers.

“Batteries aren’t included. You have to open your gifts and practice them and develop them, be intentional and deploy them.” Tweet This

When Dondi became dissatisfied with her job in banking, she took a leap and left to be a consultant, leaving her “glamorously unemployed.”  But then she started to reinvent herself, and built the path that led to the raging success she now enjoys.

This episode is full of important tidbits that helped her to succeed; including key concepts such as the Right Road Grid, which will help you navigate the gaps from where to are in your career to where you want to be.  Discover the right questions to ask, as well as how to find the answers that will make you more than just a commodity, they’ll make you an asset.

“The brink of breakthrough look a lot like a brick wall.” Tweet This

So listen in to learn how to bring your best game and design the career you’ve always dreamed of!  It’s time to be a part of our movement.  It’s time to dream bigger, think better, and do more!!

“We’re all one choice away from greatness.” Tweet This


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