We keep punching worry in the face!

Punch worry in the face with Mitch Matthews

We keep punching worry in the face!

Welcome to Days 16 through 18 of Punching Worry in the Face!

Hey… if you’ve been following along… great work!

We’ve been hearing feedback from people that they’re loving it and they’re using the strategies that we’ve been sharing to knock worry down a few pegs in their life!

But we’ve also heard from some people that they’re needing some time to catch up.

So… we wanted to put in a “breather” few days for you to dig in and apply what we’ve been talking about.

And if you’ve haven’t already, we wanted to give you a chance to listen to the “3 Questions that Changed Everything” episode of the DREAM.THINK.DO. podcast.

In this particular episode, I give you 3 questions I use personally to shift my thinking away from worry… in huge ways!  We also dig into some of the science behind why “affirmations” don’t work so well, especially when it comes to worrying!

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Plus, I want to give you the chance to experiment with using these questions over the next few days.

Want to jump to the questions? Here’s a short cut:

  • Question 1 (10:18)
  • Question 2 (16:42)
  • Question 3 (26:41)

One more suggestion would be to take a question a day.  Use that question in your own life.  Journal some thoughts.  Maybe ask someone else.  Just see where they take you!  And use them to punch worry in the face; so you can dream bigger, think better, and do more!

Let’s get to it!

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