Dare mighty things!

Dare mighty things!

Okay… this is something you HAVE to check out.

It’s an epic example of dreaming big and achieving more!

This short video helps to capture the “7 minutes of terror” for the most recent NASA Mars probe.

It’s the 7 minutes where NASA isn’t sure if their 500,000 lines of code… their multiple mechanisms for landing… their biggest parachute ever built… all worked in tandem to allow the Mars probe to land safely.

Now… this all is even more mind-boggling when you think that if an airplane traveling from LA to New York is just one degree off course… it will wind up 125 miles from it’s intended destination!

Yeah… because this probe traveled in a rocket for about 8 months at speeds we can’t even imagine… all to land in an decided upon area a little smaller than 5 acres!


I’ll also say that over the years… we’ve been honored to work with NASA on some leadership training.

So I know first hand… these are REAL people. They have teenagers… they have budget restraints… they worry about their weight and they love coffee.

They are just like you and me… AND they send probes the size of a Mini-Cooper to MARS!

Pretty cool.

So watch this video. Hear the story. Be inspired.

Then… think about it.

What’s your Mars probe… today? What are you supposed to do that’s incredible? Who are you supposed to work with to make it happen?

Get after it… and as the video challenges us to do… DARE MIGHTY THINGS!

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