Connecting with your friends. There’s an app for that!

Connecting with your friends. There’s an app for that!

So… you’ve got some time to chill with your friends… but you’re not sure what you’re going to do.

What if you had something that would inspire some great stories… some serious laughter… and some fun memories?

What if you had something that could help you to laugh, relax and connect… whether it was your first or your 101 times to hang out?

That’s EXACTLY what we created Q chill for. Download it to your iPhone and have some fun connecting!

Melissa (my wife) and I worked with some amazing students to create the questions for Q chill.

We partnered with the Michigan Association of Secondary School Principals and worked with 17 incredible high school seniors to develop the questions, pick the colors and name this version of Q.

We’d never done this type of thing before, but we had a blast. And although we were asked the teacher the students about entrepreneurship, product launches, networking, and branding… they taught us just as much about heart, humor and courage.

We loved working with them… plus… we couldn’t be prouder of the final product.

And although it was designed for students… by students. The questions are so good… it’s gotten rave revues from all ages!

Click here to check it out. It’s exclusively available on the iPhone!

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