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– Private (1-on-1) Success Coaching
Coaching for Coaches

– Private (1-on-1) Success Coaching

Mitch Matthews customizes each coaching package to fit your individual needs. Working with Mitch is an empowering, energizing, equipping… and fun experience! Mitch utilizes coaching tools and strategies he’s developed over his 15+ years of working with executives, entrepreneurs and leaders

Mitch works with clients from around the world to help you to “Dream. Think. Do.” and achieve things like:

  • Significantly increase your income
  • Find and/or rediscover your passions and focus
  • Start a business
  • Become a top performer in your field
  • Lead more effectively
  • And much, much more

If you’re seriously considering working one-on-one with Mitch, please click here to contact his team and schedule a complimentary coaching call. This will give you the opportunity to experience working with Mitch, and it will help you both to decide if you’re a good fit for each other.


“Mitch… keep up the great work! Since working with you my income has tripled, I have started a new company, but most importantly, I am very, very happy and grateful!

Thanks again!

- Rush Nigut – Attorney

Rush Nigut
“As a student needs a teacher, so a leader needs a coach. It just make sense. As they say it can be lonely when leading. I’m glad I worked with Mitch because he gave me a safe outlet to vent my frustrations and work through my solutions . You might call it “executive therapy,” but Mitch offered a sanctuary for me to share my goals, visions, and even fears. In return he listened, offered advice, and ultimately assisted me in deciphering and taking the path I knew was the right one. I strongly recommend Mitch to anyone in a leadership or executive role .

- Paul Bishop – Chief Executive Officer

“I had the opportunity to work with Mitch during what I thought was a crossroads in my career. My experience with him was life changing! Mitch helped me find my true self and rediscover my strengths. My life changed not only at work but also at home. I’m a better person today because of my coaching with him.

It was priceless!”

- Amy Baker – Marketing Director

Kate Klein
“Mitch helped me to refocus and define my passions and dreams. He helped me to initiate and lay out my next steps toward achievement of my life goals. I wish everyone could have an opportunity to work with Mitch Matthews!

His coaching is invaluable and his profound enthusiasm for life is contagious!”

- Kate Klein – Fashion Designer

Kate Klein


Mitch Matthews has been training up and equipping life, business and executive coaches since 2008. He’s been wildly blessed to work with over 1,000 coaches to help them to be better coaches and better entrepreneurs!

His passion is to not only see people with a passion for coaching get help in taking their coaching skills to the next level, but he also wants to help them launch successful and sustainable coaching practices!
That’s exactly why all of his work with coaches involves both coach AND business training!

Mitch works with coaches from around the world to help you to “Dream. Think. Do.” in your coaching business and achieve
things like

  • Profoundly increase your coaching income
  • Help you to find more “great fit” clients
  • Effectively add speaking and/or online training products
  • Automate your business systems so it can work for you
  • Clarify and build attractive coaching packages
  • Develop coaching tools that add value and credibility

Pricing for Private Success Coaching with Mitch range from $597 to $3,500 per month depending on the coaching package that’s best for you and Mitch’s availability.

If this is something you’re seriously considering, please click here to contact Mitch and his team. They will schedule a one-on-one complimentary coaching call between you and Mitch. That will give you the opportunity to experience working with Mitch first hand, it will give Mitch a chance to hear more about your current/future coaching business and it will help you both to decide if you’re a good fit for each other.

“I think Mitch can help you jump start your coaching practice. His training program will help you figure out how to start a coaching practice, learn coaching skills, and market your coaching services like many of the highest paid coaches in the world do.

Brendon Burchard – Best Selling Author and Founder of

Success Coaching
When I started working with Mitch, I already had a healthy speaking and coaching business. At the same time, I felt stalled and stuck. Mitch helped me rethink my business from top to bottom with big picture macro thinking and strategic action steps to not just jump start my business but also increase my excitement and enthusiasm. Every coach needs a coach and Mitch is that guy!

-Antonio Neves, speaker, author and executive coach to leaders and teams

“Mitch… thanks! You challenged me to package my knowledge in a step-by-step format that made sense for the customer. The very next day I was using your suggestions and I landed a new client! Sometimes our ideas are right in front of our nose, but it took me walking it through your process to help me to put it into the right format.

Thanks again!

- Josh Ochs – Best Selling Author and Coach

Founder of

“Mitch helped me in so many areas of my business. In fact, I copied one specific strategy word for word from our recorded call and sent it out in an email. That email helped me to gain two new paying clients!

- Lisa Smith – Fiercely Determined Coaching

Lisa Smith
“It was evident from our first conversation and each session thereafter that I had made the right choice in selecting Mitch as my coach. He brought humor, encouragement, tips and first-hand experience to each question I had. He delivered above and beyond all of my expectations. I can’t say enough about working with Mitch.

I will be forever grateful for Mitch’s influence on my business and my life!

- Kendis Chenoweth – Head Coach, Life Point Coaching

Kendis Chenoweth