Brent Underwood | Business lessons from starting the hottest hostel in America

21 Apr Brent Underwood | Business lessons from starting the hottest hostel in America

In this episode of the DREAM. THINK. DO. podcast, my guest Brent Underwood shares his cool story from finance to his interest in hostels.

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If my guest today had stayed in the world of high finance, we probably wouldn’t be talking. But he didn’t stay. Instead, he forged his own path. And now you get to hear his cool story—and his great insights!

Brent Underwood is a partner at the creative advisory firm “Brass Check,” where he spearheads marketing campaigns for New York Times best-selling books and helps musicians, including Grammy winners, establish their media narratives. Now, that stuff alone would be enough for a cool conversation on DREAM. THINK. DO., but there’s way more to Brent than this marketing gig.

Years ago, Brent developed a pretty intense interest in hostels—you know, those low-budget lodges people stay at when traveling abroad. He eventually channeled this passion into running a successful hostel in Brooklyn. When he moved to Austin, Texas, a couple of years ago (not to start another hostel), he simply couldn’t kick the hostel habit. He founded HK Austin, which quickly became the top-rated hostel in the country!

Listen in to hear about Brent’s winding—and inspiring—road to entrepreneurship and fulfillment.

In this episode you will . . .
• Get tips on where you should—and shouldn’t—cut corners
• Hear why waiting for the perfect launch can mean no launch at all
• Learn about when Brent didn’t listen to his customers—and how that’s paid off
• Discover why you should stop and think before you try to improve on your competition’s failures
• Understand the value in exposing yourself to lots of skills, people, and ideas


“The 8 Unexpected Rules Of Business That No One Teaches But Everyone Should Know”

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