Brendon Burchard interviews Mitch Matthews

Brendon and Mitch - EA

Brendon Burchard interviews Mitch Matthews

Mitch had the chance to sit down with bestselling author Brendon Burchard to talk about how he got started as a Success Coach.

Plus, they dig into the tools, strategies and mindsets they both use to help new and experienced life coaches from around the world.

Brendon asks Mitch about how he got started as a Success Coach.

As you’ll hear… Mitch started as a Success Coach while he was navigating a “bad fit” job.  (Ever been there?)  In this segment, you’ll hear how Mitch had to push through fear and in order to start.

Plus, he shares strategies that have helped other new life, business and success coaches to push through the fear and launch too.

Brendon asks, “What makes the difference between a good coach and a bad coach?”

We all know it.  There are good life coaches and there are bad life coaches.  The key is to get clear on what makes a success coach or a life coach effective, and then do more and more of that as you’re getting started.

Mitch’s perspective on this might surprise people… but it’s helped new life coaches from around the world to get started and build coaching businesses they love.

Mitch answers the question, “What gets in the way of a coach being successful?”

It’s true.  Some new life coaches get stopped before they ever really start.  Sadly, they get stuck and they give up.  It’s clear in this segment, Brendon and Mitch want to see coaches navigate the minefields of launching a coaching business.  That way more people get the help they need and more coaches are able to build thriving coaching businesses!

Brendon asks about Coaching Packages.

Coaching packages can be a new life coach’s secret weapon.  If their packages are designed well and presented in a compelling way, a coach can build a successful and sustainable business.  But more importantly, their coaching clients will get the help they need to achieve their goals and accomplish more of what they were put on the planet to do!

Are YOU a coach that’s wanting to take your coaching business to the next level…

Be sure to click here to hear more about how Mitch works with people just like you to build successful businesses they love!

Plus, you can click here to connect with Mitch’s team to set up a one-on-one complimentary strategy session… so Mitch can help you have even more IMPACT and generate even more INCOME as you build a business you can be proud of!

Oh and be sure to check out Mitch’s powerful, fun and authentic interview with Brendon for his DREAM THINK DO Podcast.  Click here.



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