Breaking Through the “New Start Paradox” starting a business

Breaking Through the "New Start Paradox"

Breaking Through the “New Start Paradox” starting a business

In this deep dive, Mitch discusses how to overcome the difficulties of starting a business!  It’s the DREAM. THINK. DO. Podcast.

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“I’m not a big fan of blind leaps of faith, I’m a much bigger fan of small steps of faith over time.” Tweet This

Have you been thinking about starting something; a new job, your own business, or even a new hobby?  You feel that excitement for it and can’t wait to start, but holy cow, taking that leap can be overwhelming!  There’s the need to get a perfect plan lined up and in place so you can jump in… and then you don’t, because doing all that at once is paralyzing.

If you’ve felt that.. then you’ve experienced the “New Start Paradox.”

“Sometimes it’s about the outcome, but often it’s the experience.” Tweet This

If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone!

As a Success Coach over the past 12+ years… Mitch has seen the “New Start Paradox” stop countless people in their tracks.

But in this DREAM. THINK. DO. episode, Mitch has the tool for you to break through this paradox and start (or re-start) your dreams!!

Listen in and learn how to incorporate this  simple but powerful strategy into your life.  You will be able to gain confidence as you break through the New Start Paradox and begin to achieve those new dreams and goals!

“Start small; but start.” Tweet This

Now all you have to do is start!


  • Bill Lofquist
    Posted at 15:13h, 14 May Reply

    Hi Mitch

    I have been enjoying your pod cast and listening to your writers whom share there experiences. I am your creative thinker and more so my hobbies.
    for the past few years, I have become stuck, and have not found my new nitch in becoming creative again. I would like to start a new venture from home base, and trying to gather thoughts and new ideas to get going again.
    I am employed on a part time bases, and do have that time, but a few IT issues, I do not know how to burn or save your pod cast to a CD, to listen while on my afternoon route. the next is asking for help. and whom has this experience I am in need of.
    FYI. In my past years I did work and build three small business from the ground up. although I am finding building a new ground up business is more challenging today then ever. is this due to internet alone.?
    Thank you for your pod cast and thank you for your services
    Bill Lofquist

  • Robyn Byrd
    Posted at 01:12h, 15 May Reply

    15 minute to do list: Check job boards for the Knoxville TN area and apply for 3-5 jobs each week.

  • Trechelle Rucker
    Posted at 03:42h, 20 May Reply

    Never thought about writing or blogging because i just didn’t have the time to start a new project, at least i thought, but now i will take out 15 mins a day to start writing!!! Awesome Awesome podcast.

  • George Owens
    Posted at 04:00h, 22 May Reply

    I have just recently taken early retirement due to some physical issues(nothing serious) and because the “job” was very demanding and the corporation that I worked for was not willing to make changes to make the workplace a better environment. I was working 50+ hours a week and had no time to really have any personal down time to spend with family or work on learning something new and start a business. So, now I have the opposite of trying to find 15 minutes a day to try something new to having more time than I know what to do with. Thanks for giving me permission to take time to see what my next step will be. The ideas in your podcast are a welcome relief on how to get started and experiment with the interests that I have and see where they will lead me.

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