Be my special guest at Make An Impact Live!

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Be my special guest at Make An Impact Live!

So… as you read this… is there a part of you that’s asking “What can I do to take a significant step towards one of my big dreams… right now?”

Or… “I don’t want to feel like I’m in the same spot I am right now… as 2012 rolls around… but what can I do to jump start the change I want to see?”

Or maybe even… “What the heck are some of my big dreams? How can I get clear on that?”


Well, if you’re wrestling with questions like these… I’m excited to let you know about an upcoming conference that I’m going to be involved in… AND I want to invite YOU to come!

This is an annual conference that got it’s start last year. (If you’d like to read about last years amazing experience… click here.)

International speaker and best selling author Dr. Mollie Marti created this event as a weekend of true inspiration and idea sharing. She not only had the goal of packing the schedule with incredible speakers and powerful experiences… but she also wanted to keep the group small so you could a

ctually interact with your fellow participants as well as the speakers and teachers!

Well, I can tell you that she surpassed her goal last year and it was one of the most impactful conferences I’ve ever attended. And more importantly… she and her team are doing it again this year!

I can tell you that in a sea of conference options, MAKE AN IMPACT LIVE stands out for it’s high quality content and it’s intimate setting!


The conference is set for Thursday, October 27 through Saturday, October 29th. It will be held in Chicago.

Click here to register


On Thursday, Oct 27

Mitch Matthews, Dondi Scumaci and Bob Burg

We’ll have some bonus sessions in the afternoon with authors and speaker Tom Fiffer and Travis Robertson. These are two guys you wont want to miss because their personal stories are incredible… plus they’ll be sharing some real-world strategies that will blow you away!

Now… I’ll be speaking… so I’ll be excited to see you there! Plus, we’ll be kicking off the conference with a BIG Dream Gathering Experience… which will allow you to begin to think about some of your big dreams AND begin to get the clarity you need to achieve them!

Plus, I’ll be tag teaming with one of my favorite speakers (and people) on the planet! Her name is Dondi Scumaci and she’ll be leading us all through a “roll up your sleeves and get to work” visioning exercise that will take your big dreams to the next level!

I’ve got to tell you that Dondi and I have a personal goal of making the activities on Thursday night… worth the price of admission! We can’t wait to dream big with you and help you to move forward on on those big dreams!

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On Friday, October 28

This day is going to blow you away! It gets kicked off by New York Times best selling author Michael Port! He’s written incredible books like “Book Yourself Solid and “The Think BIG Manifesto.”


We’ll also be hearing from Carol Roth… who is ALSO a New York Times best selling author. She wrote “The Entrepreneur Equation” which emphasizes that if you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail!

Plus, you’ll be hearing from rock star real estate developer and philanthropist Frank McKinney. This is a guy who builds $20 million homes and charges for them but then turns around to build entire villages in Haiti for FREE! His story and his approach to life will blow your mind!

We’ll also be hearing from relationship guru Gina Paris who helps people to keep their love life sizzling and sacred! She’s an awesome person with an awesome story, so you won’t want to miss her!

Saturday, October 29

This is a day you will not want to miss! Saturday will be chocked full with incredible ideas and inspiration!

The “Go-Giver” himself… Bob Burg… will be kicking off the day by talking about Influence and Success: The Go-Giver Way. This is a person who has made a tremendous impact on me personally and I know he will bless your socks off!

If you’d like to listen to a podcast I did with Bob recently, you can click here.

Mitch and Frank McKinney

Plus, we’ll be hearing from the amazing Dr. Mollie herself! And… we’ll be hearing from favorites like America’s Etiquette Coach Patricia Rossi and the guru of branding awesomeness… John Morgan.

And we’ll be wrapping the conference with a MAKE AN IMPACT LIVE Celebration that you won’t want to miss!!

And by the way, the whole thing will be emceed by an amazing speaker and friend… Felicia Slatterly.

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Here’s the thing. I think you should be there. I believe in the heart of this conference and in the incredible line up of speakers. I can tell you that I invited a number of people to attend last year and every person was unbelievable grateful that they came!

So I want to extend that invitation to you! I want you to be one of my special guests at Make an Impact Live!

Plus, I want to offer a few extra “gifts” to you… to help you to pull the trigger and make the commitment to be there!

Bonus 1:

If you click here and register… I will get you a complementary one-on-one coaching session with me to help you to get clear on some of your big dreams and begin to take some serious steps towards those big dreams. We’ll either do the session face-to-face at the conference OR on the phone afterwards. (If we do it over the phone, I’ll get you an mp3 of our conversation too!)

Bonus 2:

I have a new CD coming out that will have a daily dose of big dreaming and inspiration! It will be a cup of awesome in 3 minute chunks… so you can start off each day by giving your big dreams a boost! And… if you click here and register… you’ll get that for FREE too!

Bonus 3:

I have a few more up my sleeve but I want to surprise you. So click here to register… and get ready for some fun before… during… and after the conference!


There is “early bird” pricing that ends on September 15th. So grab your tickets right now! You won’t regret it… plus… I think this could be the jump start your big dream might just need!

I can’t wait to see you there!

If you have any questions… just hit comments and leave them there. Or shoot me an email at

Keep dreaming BIG and helping others to do the same,

Mitch Matthews

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