A business success tip from Ron Burgundy. (No seriously!)

A business success tip from Ron Burgundy. (No seriously!)

Love him or hate him… there’s something Ron Burgundy can teach us about business success


According to Bloomberg Businessweek and Adweek – a while back Chrysler came to Ol’ Ron (okay… Will Ferrell and his creative team). They wanted to explore the co-promotion possibilities between the new Dodge Durango and Anchorman 2. According to Advertising Age, Chrysler only intended to develop three to six TV spots but Ferrell’s creative team WOWED them and over-delivered. In fact, they wrote, shot and produced SEVENTY commercials of varying length and format.
(NOTE: These spots included everything from riffing on the Durango’s glorious glove box to ranting about ballroom dancers with “soiled leg warmers.”) It may seem like a goofy strategy… BUT it was actually brilliant.
In the past, if you had a celebrity pitching a product you’d pay big bucks to feature them during expensive prime time television. But these ads were optimized for the small screen! And… since they had SEVENTY… Dodge wasn’t dependent on ONE going viral. In fact, they created a WAVE of RON! As they did… the ads got millions of hits on Youtube and on Ferrell’s own FunnyorDie.com, and the world found out about the new Dodge Durango.
So… I’d say… Mr. Burgundy reminded us of a key success principle here. (And maybe pointed to the future of celebrity endorsements in the process!)

Again… the key: Find ways to over-deliver.

Here’s my question for you:

(NOTE: It may help to read this as Ron Burgundy would.)

What’s something YOU can do to “over deliver” for your employer, your customers or your clients… today?


How about it America?

Is there something that would help you to WOW your employer? Is there something that would enable you to deliver more than you promised to your customers? Is there something that would let your clients know that you really really love them (in a totally cool… non-Ron Burgundy way)?

Think about it. See where it takes you.

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