A backstage pass…

No Backstage Passes

A backstage pass…

A backstage pass.

A masters degree student recently asked me if she could interview me for a research project.

She was exploring leadership in business and wanted to speak to entrepreneurs about their leadership journey.

Due to our schedules, we weren’t able to connect via a phone call.

Since I was traveling, I offered to just record some responses to her questions and send them to her.

Once she received them, she suggested we let more people listen in.

So… I thought I’d offer them here as a “backstage pass” and a little behind the scenes on how I and/or our organization works.

More importantly, I offer a few leadership (and life) tips along the way too.


Question: How did you get here?

Question: How do you stay motivated?

Question: What advice would you give a new leader?

Question: How do you coach your team?

That’s enough from me.

Now I have a question for YOU!

How do YOU stay motivated?

Click  comments and let us know.

I’d love to hear your ideas!

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  • Mary Vaughan
    Posted at 18:34h, 08 October Reply

    Hi Mitch. I’m no expert in this, but will share my approach in case it’s helpful to anyone else.
    If I decide to do something I tell everyone I know what I plan to do. I get started and push on, no matter how things go. I never give up, and keep going. Sometimes it takes a long time, and I’m discouraged, but I never stop. I’ve been told this not a good trait, but it is the way I am.

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