389: Adam Carroll – Creating a Millionaire Mindset [& breaking free from money head junk!]

Adam Carroll

389: Adam Carroll – Creating a Millionaire Mindset [& breaking free from money head junk!]

Adam Carroll is an internationally recognized financial literacy expert.

Let’s do a little math for this intro! Adam and I have been friends… better said… brothers… for 17 years… so I can say without a shadow of a doubt… this is a guy who walks his talk!

Adam has spent 15 years helping people do more with the money they make. He’s the author of three best-selling books! He’s also been on DREAM THINK DO three times!!!

He’s a two-time TED talk speaker.  By the way… those TED talks have over 6 million views!

He’s the creator of one award winning documentary called, “Broke, Busted & Disgusted” which aired on CNBC and has now been shown in hundreds of high schools and colleges across the country.

He’s the founder and creator of one insanely cool online platform called “The Shred Method” which uses proven mathematical algorithms to create a custom wealth acceleration plan for every individual regardless of current financial circumstances.  And it’s been allowing people to annihilate their debt and truly grow wealth!

And… finally… let’s get to his most important numbers…

Adam is married to his amazing bride Jen… and they have three amazing kiddos who are going to change the world!

Okay… those are the numbers you need to know about Adam Carroll… but since money is such an important subject… when it comes to dreaming bigger, thinking better and doing more of what you’re put on the planet to do… we’re going to talk about doing more with the money you have AND ways to create and generate more money too! I can’t wait to get after THIS conversation!  Let’s do this!

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Find out more about Adam at: https://www.adamspeaks.com

Found out more about his “Shred My Mortgage” at: https://www.theshredmethod.com

Watch Adam’s TED Talk “When money isn’t real: the $10,000 experiment”

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How about YOU!?  What did you think of Adam’s approach to creating more of a “Millionaire Mindset” and breaking some of the head junk that we all can have around money?

Did you connect with Adam’s approach?

More importantly… I’m curious. What story or strategy resonated with you?  

More specifically… what’s something (BIG or small) YOU want to try as a result? 

Lastly… PLEASE share this powerful conversation with a friend or family member who might be needing it… right now! They’ll thank you!

And hey… remember… I’m rooting for you!




  • 0:02 What’s inside today’s episode! 
  • 2:07 Get to know and welcome back Adam Carroll! 
  • 5:27 Inside Adam’s pursuit of mastery in his life 
  • 9:55 Roadblocks and limiting beliefs about money and how to overcome them
  • 16:40 Simple steps you can take to transform your financial life 
  • 24:38 Tips and wisdom for helping your kids develop money habits 
  • 29:00 Adam’s top book recommendations and resources on money and abundance 
  • 38:41 The #1 step to take to free yourself financially 
  • 46:11 Mitch’s Minute! Biggest takeaways and action steps from this conversation.
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