383: Trent Anderson – Turning global travel into a way of life!

Trent Anderson

383: Trent Anderson – Turning global travel into a way of life!

Trent Anderson and his wife Sarah are the co-founders of Reach International Outfitters!  When they got married a few years ago… Trent and Sarah decided to embark on a journey of exploration. Since then… they have visited over 30 countries together and they’ve turned global travel into a way of life!

Plus… they want to inspire others to explore the globe AND take adventures in your own backyard… SO… they launched Reach International Outfitters. They’ve also created a freakishly cool product called “Adventure Bucket Lists” that helps people have amazing adventures themselves!  

Trent and Sarah are truly living the DREAM THINK DO life… because they’ve found a way to walk out their passion for global travel and adventure and do it on a daily basis.

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Episode Minute By Minute: 

  • 0:02 What’s inside today’s episode! (Adventurers… this one is for you!)
  • 3:00 Get to know Trent Anderson
  • 4:00 Turning your life into a life of travel
  • 7:20 How TikTok changed everything for Trent
  • 9:55 How setting a goal that challenges you actually brings out your best!
  • 11:25 “Money follows attention”
  • 16:50 How Trent mastered “scroll stopping” content!
  • 24:15 How Trent keeps his content
  • 28:00 How to explore your state with Trent & Sarah as your virtual guides!
  • 30:19 Business is a learning process and everything will work together for good!
  • 33:47 Mitch’s Minute! Homework and biggest takeaways
  • 36:00 How to know if you will be a good coach!


This was so good.  I loved this conversation!  Trent offered up some great stories and some powerful insights! He and Sarah have found THEIR way to live the DREAM THINK DO life!  And I love it!

Okay… so now it’s YOUR turn.  What stood out to you?  I want to hear from YOU!  \

Leave a comment and let me know.

And hey… keep bringing YOUR awesome!!!


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