375. A Creative Dream 10 Years in the Making! – An interview with Executive Producer Scott Siepker

Scott Siepker

375. A Creative Dream 10 Years in the Making! – An interview with Executive Producer Scott Siepker

Scott Siepker is back!  That’s right. We’re talking with the Actor, Writer and Executive Producer!

Scott’s well-known for his great creative work as well as his viral “Iowa Nice” videos!

 Plus, this might be episode 375… but Scott joined us way back for episode 82 of DTD!

He’s been working on some exciting projects since our last conversation! One of the biggest updates is that Scott and his team have put together an INCREDIBLE documentary called “KINNICK.”

It’s the story of Nile Kinnick – who was a child of the depression who went on to win the Heisman Trophy and became a pilot in World War 2.  Not only that… he became one of the best known people in the country. In fact, Ronald Regan once reflected that if Nile Kinnick hadn’t died in WWII… “he could have gone on to become the President of the United States.”

 Plus, if you’ve ever walked through the main gate of the University of Iowa’s fabled football stadium… you’ve passed by a beautiful bronze statue of young Nile.  But hey… whether you’re a sports fan or not… I can tell you… THIS is a powerful story! 

We’re going to talk with Scott about Nile’s journey… as well as Scott’s own journey as he worked on the dream of creating this documentary for 10 years!  And… as you’ll hear… he’s just getting started!

Find out more about Scott:

 His website: www.scottsiepker.com

The Kinnick Documentary: Click Here

 Scott’s original DTD episode: CULTIVATING CREATIVITY, FINDING FOCUS AND BEING IOWA NICE with Scott Siepker – www.mitchmatthews.com/082 



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I don’t know about you but I loved this conversation!  Scott’s AND Nile’s journeys are both inspiring and packed with pearls of wisdom we all can use!

I’m curious.

So… what’s something that stood out to you?

What’s something that resonated?

More importantly… what’s something you’re going to DO as a result?

I want to hear from YOU!

Leave a comment and let’s hear from YOU!

And hey… keep bringing YOUR awesome!!!



Scott Siepker Episode Minute By Minute: 

  • 0:02 What’s inside this inspiring episode
  • 1:11 Get to know Scott Siepker
  • 6:40 The importance of tweaking and testing ideas
  • 8:47 A few things all Dreamers have to do as we grow
  • 15:30 The main inspiration Scott wants everyone to receive today
  • 22:00 The speech and stories that took Scott’s breath away
  • 30:24 A look into the family letters that will warm your heart
  • 35:45 What’s next for Scott and the documentary
  • 41:19 Wisdom of the week – Listen to this before you give up
  • 44:26 Mitch’s Minute and biggest takeaways
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