362: Mountain Peaks, Milestones, and 3 Surprising Keys to Sticking with It

Antonio Neves

362: Mountain Peaks, Milestones, and 3 Surprising Keys to Sticking with It

Antonio Neves joins us BUT this time… we’re flipping the mics.  That’s right!  Tony is interviewing Mitch about what he’s learned as he’s approaching 365 episodes of Dream Think Do!  It’s a fun, inspiring and eye-opening conversation because Tony is not only a bestselling author and speaker, it’s an award-winning journalist who has interviewed world leaders, celebrities and entrepreneurs from around the world. 

Mitch didn’t know what questions were going to be asked (other than some awesome questions Dream Think Do listeners submitted when they heard about the interview).  Antonio went deep into the archives to draw out some great behind-the-scenes stories and powerful insights from Mitch.

Plus, the LAST question really surprised Mitch and brought some personal revelation that brought ALL the emotions.  So listen in and be ready to get inspired to climb YOUR mountains, define those important milestones in YOUR life… and find the right ways to stick with YOUR dreams!

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Wow.  Yes… the milestone of hitting 365 episodes.  It’s been a big goal for me.  So, when I was talking with my friend Tony Neves about it… he said, “Someone should flip the mic on you and talk with you about the stuff YOU’VE learned along the way.” 

I loved the idea.  And since he’s a trusted friend AND an award winning journalist… when he asked, “Who would you want to interview you?” The answer was OBVIOUS!


Now, we’d asked if DREAM THINK DOers wanted to submit any questions and you guys responded with some GREAT ones.  

From those, Antonio and I chose the following questions:

“Ok, here we go. I love love love my podcast. In fact, I am creating a second and am a co-host on another. My question is, when there is momentum and excitement it is easy to keep on going. What happens when the juices dry up a bit? How do you get your mojo back?” – Gail Craft

“Over the time I have gotten to know you listening to your show, I would say (and I know many agree) that you are gifted with wisdom. What would you say has been a key to growing in wisdom for you that a younger dream think doer could implement?” – Beth Medley 

“People are constantly suggest that I start a podcast, but the market is so saturated that I don’t think I have much value to add. What made you take the leap? Did you start by just interviewing friends and colleagues?” – Kim Harden

But other than these 3… I didn’t know the questions Antonio was going to ask.  So it felt like we were operating without a net.  BUT I trust Tony… so we went for it.  And it was a blast!  

We talked about things like:

  • PERSISTENCE… and how to stick with something (even when you’re tired)
  • SURPRISES along the way… and some of the unexpected gifts of pursuing dreams
  • SETBACKS… because they’re going to come… and how do you get back up
  • FEAR… and how to overcome it in power but simple ways

But one of my favorite questions unearthed a story about some wisdom my bride Melissa offered me early on.  It’s something that helped me to set the course for my podcast but it’s also something that’s helped me live a happier and bolder life!  I can’t wait for you to hear THAT one.


How about YOU!?  What stood out to you from Tony’s questions and the awesome questions from other DREAM THINK DO listeners?  

More importantly… what’s something that stuck with you?

Also, let’s hear YOUR tips and strategies.  What’s something that works for YOU and/or what do YOU think works when it comes to sticking with a big goal?

And hey… what questions do YOU still have?  Comment and let me know!

And PLEASE share this special episode with someone who YOU think would appreciate it and/or might be needing it… right now!  They’ll thank you!

Know I’m rooting for you!



  • 0:02 Turning the mics around: Mitch gets interviewed!
  • 3:19 Welcome today’s host Tony Neves
  • 5:42 Why Mitch decided to start a podcast
  • 9:42 The best time to start a new thing
  • 14:44 A powerful podcast tip from Mitch’s wife
  • 17:53 How Mitch helps guests feel more comfortable
  • 24:59 How Mitch fights off burnout
  • 33:00 Overcome the feeling of “not enough”
  • 36:27 The importance of a strong community
  • 40:35 Wisdom for younger Dream Think Doers
  • 45:27 One thing that drives Mitch
  • 48:52 What “Dream Think Do” has given Mitch
  • 55:41 Mitch’s minute and big takeaways


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