353: Joe Van Haecke – IMPROV STRATEGIES for Leadership, Love & Life!

Joe Van Haecke - IMPROV STRATEGIES for Leadership

353: Joe Van Haecke – IMPROV STRATEGIES for Leadership, Love & Life!

Guys… I’m so excited to introduce you to my friend Joe Van Haecke.  For over 20 years, Joe has studied, performed, and coached improv.  Now… in addition to performing improv… he’s bringing what he calls the tenets of the “Yes/And” life to business people, educators, leaders… and heck… even lawyers! 

His training company helps people to be better communicators… better collaborators… and stronger leaders… all through the power and simplicity of improv strategies. And a recent experience over coffee with Joe, made me say…

we’ve got to talk about this on DREAM THINK DO!  So, let’s get to this!!!



The “Who’s Line is it Anyway” Team have been doing IMPROV for the masses for years!

Here’s a classic example of when the late-great Robin Williams stopped by:


  • 0:02 What to expect today
  • 2:24 Get  to know Joe Van Haecke
  • 4:53 The YES/AND lifestyle
  • 8:41 A look into Comedy Sports 
  • 12:28 When Joe fell in love with improv
  • 15:18 A real example of the YES/AND lifestyle
  • 19:30 Where the YES/AND lifestyle needs boundaries
  • 20:24 How to practically start to dreaming more
  • 25:20 The rear skill of listening and engaging
  • 32:18 How to start applying this conversation today
  • 34:32 MItch’s Minute


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Okay… let’s get YOUR thoughts.  What do you think?  Does the thought of IMPROV freak you out?  Or… do you find yourself wanting to hop on a stage and “Yes/And” with the best of ‘em light you up?  

I’ll be honest… I can totally see the power of these strategies… but the idea of performing LIVE scares the snots out of me.  (But that probably means I need to do it sometime soon… right?)

How about it?  What’s something that resonated with you?  

More importantly… where’s an area where you’re going to try to inject some IMPROV technics into your daily life?  Leave a comment and let us know!!!  I can’t wait to hear from YOU!

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