BONUS – Brant Menswar – The “WE AGREE TO PRAY” Interview

Brant Menswar We agree to Pray

BONUS – Brant Menswar – The “WE AGREE TO PRAY” Interview

In this “WE AGREE TO PRAY” bonus episode, we’re talking with Brant Menswar. He’s an award-winning musician, popular speaker, and bestselling author. In this conversation, we dig into Brant’s journey with prayer… from the lowest points of hearing the brutal words, “Your son isn’t going to make it through the night,” to experiencing a miracle that involved people from around the world. 

Plus, we’ll talk about the very real and raw emotions (and prayers) that follow such an incredible experience.  We talk about how to walk out your faith on those days where you’re feeling 100% and on those days that you’re feeling a solid 2%.  Plus, we dig into the mechanics of how he makes prayer a part of his daily (and wildly busy) life.  I think you’re going to love it.

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What’s something that stood out to you from what Brant said?  What’s something that’s going to stick with you?  Leave a comment and let me know!

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