A 6 Word Phrase To Help You Beat Comparison

A 6 Word Phrase To Help You Beat Comparison

A 6 Word Phrase To Help You Beat Comparison

This week we’re talking about overcoming COMPARISON!  Seriously, have you ever opened up your social media app… you scrolled… scrolled… and then WHAM!  It hits you… that wave of COMPARISON. Those feelings of: “I’m behind,” or “I’ve missed it” or “I’m too late” or “I’m not as ________ as them.”  Here’s the deal. 

I think comparison kills more dreams and big ideas than just about anything else.  And THAT is why we’re going after it this week.  I’m going to get you a six-word phrase that’s helped set me and my coaching clients free from the “comparison trap!”  (Plus, I’ll give you the fun story of when and how it hit me!)  So… if you’re wanting to bust free from the weariness that comes from comparison… I’ve got your back!  Let’s do this.

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“I’m NOT going to think about food.”

Then a nano-second later it became:

“I’m NOT going to think about that meatball sub or that Oreo Blizzard or that pork tenderloin sandwich with mustard and pickles.”

And then… an hour later you were sitting right next to a pork tenderloin as big as your head.

Am I right?  HA!  Or maybe that’s just me!

It can also apply to tell ourselves we’re NOT going to look at our phone when we drive.  Or we’re NOT going to worry about that thing at work.  Our brain just skips right over that “not” or that “don’t” and we DO the thing.  

What’s better is when we direct our brain to something better.  That’s why we use INSTEAD instead of don’t or not.  The phrase is: “Learning from INSTEAD of comparing to.”

Which brings us to the last part of the phrase:


As you know… when we’re in “comparison mode” instead of “learning mode,” we tend to trigger an increase in cortisol which causes feelings of insecurity and anxiousness.  Which of course… has a self-perpetuating effect too!  It inspires us to compare ourselves more… which causes MORE insecurity and anxiousness.  And that’s just nasty!


Now… if you want to take all of this to the next level, you can turn the phrase into a question.

If you feel yourself starting to move into comparison mode… try to ask yourself a question like:

  • “What’s something I could be learning from this person?”
  • “What’s something I could be learning from this situation?”
  • “What’s something I could be learning from what they’re doing?”
  • “How could I put my own unique spin on what they’re doing?”

And then you’re off to the races!  Your brain will engage and move even further into LEARNING mode, and as it does… get ready for a rush of the good stuff as endorphins and serotonin start pulsing through your brain… and the ideas and solutions start to flow even more.

I know this strategy had a big impact on me.  I was able to take the stage and deliver.  Plus, I had a great time!  I’m wildly blessed to say this strategy has REALLY helped my coaching clients too. All that to say… I hope you experiment with it too!

Because I want you to beat back comparison with a big stick!!!

Why?  Well… I know you’ve got big dreams… things you need to get out into the world… and comparison is one of those subtle killers of dreams.  And I want you to be totally equipped to overcome “comparison mode” so you can get after it and make those dreams a reality!

Sound good?  Good.  Let’s do it.

I can’t wait to hear how you apply it!  Hit me up with a comment about how you’re going to use the phrase… or let me know a question you’re going to ask yourself!  I can’t wait to hear from you!

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