Jennifer Fulwiler – Do What Makes You Come ALIVE!

Jennifer Fulwiler Interview

Jennifer Fulwiler – Do What Makes You Come ALIVE!

We’re talking to Jennifer Fulwiler. Jen’s a standup comedian, best selling author, and the mom of six kids.  She’s also a TRUE Dream Think Do-er!  For example, after being told that NO ONE was interested in comedy done by a “minivan-driving woman from the suburbs,” she self-produced her own standup comedy tour and she sold out venues across the country! 

She’s written several books and her newest one is Your Blue Flame: Drop the Guilt and Do What Makes You Come Alive.  The book has received rave reviews and has helped people to break out of ruts, uncover their personal passions as well as their unique gifts and talents, and most importantly fall in love with life again.  That’s no small order… but I think it’s a critical message for this weird, wild season we’re all in.  So let’s get to it!



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What is YOUR Blue Flame?

Heck… what IS a Blue Flame?

Well… Jen defines it as “a personal passion that fills us with energy, that we’re meant to share with the world.”

And as you’ll hear, Jennifer Fulwiler is on a quest to help you find your blue flame and fall in love with your life again.  Whether you want to embark on a great mission or simply add a spark to your daily routine, this interview (and Jen’s book) will inspire you to tap into that inner passion that perhaps you haven’t yet discovered—or have been too afraid to use.


More importantly, we’ll dive into some of Jen’s raw and hilarious stories as well as practical strategies… so you can figure out what your BLUE FLAME is and start to walk it out more!


Oh… and just so you know… Jen lives in a three-bedroom house with her husband, their six kiddos, a huge dog, and a one-eyed cat in Austin, Texas.  So yeah… she’s had to learn to walk out her BLUE FLAME in a very full and often messy world!  (We’ll talk about that too!)



  • 0:02 What we are talking about today
  • 1:42 Get to know Jen Fulwiler
  • 5:20 When Jen started standup comedy
  • 11:12 How Jen is raising her kids weird
  • 13:52 Jen’s toughest audience
  • 15:23 What is the blue flame?
  • 22:52 Niche-ing down your blue flame
  • 25:14 Practical advice for finding your blue flame
  • 30:43 Wisdom of the week
  • 32:25 Mitch’s biggest takeaway



So… I know one of my favorite parts of the conversation was when Jen talked about scheduling her own tour after promoters said it couldn’t be done.  I love that.  It inspired me.  How about you?

I have this feeling that we’re entering into a time when a lot of people are going to be saying, “Oh that can’t be done.”  Or… “Nobody’s done THAT before.”  And it may have been true in the past… but with all this weird and wild season… it’s a time for FIRSTS!  And I believe DREAM THINK DO-ers can lead the way to break through and innovate in ways that are needed… RIGHT NOW.

Who’s with me?

By the way… how about you?  I want to hear from YOU!  What’s something Jen said that clicked with you? What got you thinking? How might you apply it?  Leave a comment below and let me know!

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