Cort Davies on How to THRIVE [especially NOW]

An interview Cort Davies

Cort Davies on How to THRIVE [especially NOW]

Our guest is Cort Davies.  In 2017 Cort was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer and he was given just three years to live. That was a scary diagnosis, but instead of shutting down and just accepting it… Cort set out on a mission to defy it. Since then he’s undergone 7 surgeries, several experimental treatments, and numerous challenges. 

BUT despite all of this… Cort Davies has realized that he now considers cancer and his resulting journey a gift.  It’s taught him about life… about healing… about being intentional about his mindset and making every day count.  We talk to Cort about the specific things he’s learned about having a “healing mindset,” how to find peace in the midst of challenging times and how to THRIVE in uncertain times.  I think you’re going to love this conversation.



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Cort’s Specific Exercises on Guiding the “Outer World Stimulations and Inputs”

  1. List the 4-5 things you value most in your life, the things no one has to tell you to get out of bed for. (Mine: Health, Career/Mission, Learning, Abundance, Relationships)
  2. Write down all the inputs (mortgage, social media, medical bills, text messages, old relationships, etc.) in your life drawing your attention. This list could be sizable.  
  3. Now take a sheet of blank paper and put your name in the center followed by your 4-5 values. (see Cort’s image)
  4. Create a small circle called your “inner circle”- this is the place where you put only those on the input list that meet your highest values.  
  5. Next, put “all the rest” on the list outside of the inner circle.


Now you can be aware of all the inputs that you don’t value that are trying to penetrate your “inner circle.” Awareness is the goal.   


Here’s Cort’s own “MAP” that he references in the interview too:



So… Cort wants to help people to develop:

  • a healing mindset, 
  • to be intentional with their daily living
  • AND… to change destructive habits that could hinder their ability to heal.


His goal is to help initiate healing for thousands of cancer patients worldwide… as well as help EVERYONE to THRIVE in the midst of uncertain times.

He’s doing amazing things and so I wanted to bring him on DTD so we could hear more of his story and learn more!



  • 0:02 What to expect today
  • 2:38 Welcome Cort Davies
  • 4:12 When Cort was diagnosed
  • 5:41 What it is like having a rare cancer
  • 9:31 The connection between stress and cancer
  • 13:52 Managing your life “inputs”
  • 20:30 How Cort has remained focused during the uncertainty
  • 23:06 The four types of meditation
  • 27:51 Cort’s best advice for meditation
  • 29:52 Sneak peek at Cort’s new book
  • 32:28 The One Habit Summit
  • 34:09 Mitch’s biggest takeaways



So… I know one of my favorite parts of the conversation was on the limiting of “inputs.” 

That’s always been important but I think that it’s more important now.  We have to be intentional with where information is coming from and we have to limit the bombardment of bings, dings, and pings.  Amen?  One of the key areas where I’ve been applying this since my talk with Cort has been not checking email until 9 am.  It’s such a simple thing and I know I’ve heard other people suggest it.  But I’ve been doing it for about a week and it’s been wild to see how much it impacts my day!  Powerful stuff.

That was big for me.  How about you?

I want to hear from YOU!  What clicked with you? What got you thinking? What might you apply from what Cort talked about?  Leave a comment below and let me know!

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