ASK – 3 Powerful Questions with Mark Victor Hansen and Crystal Dwyer Hansen

Mark Victor Hansen and Crystal Dwyer Hansen Interview with Mitch Matthews

ASK – 3 Powerful Questions with Mark Victor Hansen and Crystal Dwyer Hansen

This week we’re talking to Mark Victor Hansen and Crystal Dwyer Hansen.  They’ve just written a book called, “ASK! The Bridge From Your Dreams to Your Destiny.” In our interview, we talk in-depth about what they’ve learned about the art and the science of asking better questions to transform your life.  Specifically, we talk about the 3 questions they ask every day and they walk us through how they apply them to their lives, their relationships, their writing, and their businesses. 



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Before we get started… I want to give you a little background on both our guests.

Among many things… Mark Victor Hansen is often known best as “that Chicken Soup for the Soul guy.”  Along with his co-author and business partner, Jack Canfield… they launched what Time magazine called, “the publishing phenomenon of the decade,” with over 500 million Chicken Soup for the Soul books sold worldwide.  By the way, these books are one of the most successful publishing franchises of all time.  Plus, he’s written a number of other best sellers as well!

He’s also a successful and impactful keynote speaker who’s addressed audiences around the world.  He’s been featured by Oprah, CNN, and The Today Show… just to name a few.

Okay… now let’s talk about Crystal Dwyer Hansen.  She’s also a successful entrepreneur, as well as a Certified Life Coach, and Wellness/Nutrition Expert.  Her first book “Skinny Life – The Secret to Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Fitness,” along with her speaking, and articles have helped people all over the world. 

Finally… Mark and Crystal are innovative entrepreneurs and tireless philanthropists… and if I dug into all that they’re up to on these fronts… this intro would be 45 minutes long. 🙂

So I’ll point you to all their websites (listed above) so you can dig even deeper into their endeavors.

Obviously… they’re up to some great work… and I’m excited to have them on.  So let’s do this.



Quick Episode Summary:

  • 0:02 What to expect today!
  • 1:30 Welcome Mark Victor and Crystal Hansen
  • 4:02 How the Hansen’s are handling Covid-19
  • 7:00 Why the Hansen’s book is important right now
  • 8:47 When Mark lost $2 Million
  • 13:21 How to start asking better questions
  • 16:19 The 3 things you need to get unstuck
  • 19:32 The difference between self-worth and net worth
  • 24:19 What you can learn from Joseph
  • 26:00 Why we are afraid to ask questions
  • 28:01 The questions you should be asking others
  • 31:37 Mitch’s biggest takeaways




How about you? What clicked with you? What got you thinking? What might you apply from what Mark and Crystal talked about?  Leave a comment and let me know!

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