Love and Living in the New Normal

Sara Haines and Max Shifrin interview with Mitch Matthews

Love and Living in the New Normal

We’re talking with Sara Haines and Max Shifrin.  Sara’s been a regular on the Today Show, Good Morning America, and The VIEW.  She also co-hosts the “Strahan, Sara and KeeKee Show” weekdays on ABC along with Michael Strahan and KeeKee Palmer. 

Max Shifrin is a lawyer specializing in commercial litigation. He’s killing it and as you’ll hear… he’s an amazing guy doing some great work.  Sara and Max got married in 2014 and now have 3 beautiful kiddos… Alec, Sandra, and Caleb who are all under the age of 4. Like the rest of us… they’re navigating this new normal.  We talk about how they’re learning to live… and love… and somehow make it all work out of their apartment in Brooklyn. Let’s do this!



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Sara Haines and Max Shifrin RESOURCES:

  • The Strahan, Sara and KeeKee Show’s Facebook Page: Click here 
  • Sara’s Insta Page: Click here

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  • 0:16 What to expect today!
  • 2:05 Welcome The Haines
  • 4:40 How Sara and Max met
  • 8:23 Sara and Max’s first date
  • 13:00 How Sara and Max stay on the same page
  • 21:36 Finding the best time to give feedback
  • 25:21 The best marriage advice from Sara
  • 29:20 How Sara and Max talk through their goals & dreams
  • 36:09 Mitch’s biggest takeaways



So… what stood out to you?  I want to hear from YOU!

I loved how they talked about having a shared vision but that they fully recognize they’re different in their “day to day” and how they’ve got grace for each other in that.

How about you? What clicked with you? What inspired you? What got your thinking? What’s going to stick with you? Leave a comment below and let me know!

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