5 Steps to Overcome Burnout

Rahaf Harfoush - Steps to overcome Burnout

5 Steps to Overcome Burnout

We’re talking to Rahaf Harfoush about how to identify the signs of burnout (because it can sneak up on you) and we dig into some powerful and unorthodox ways to beat it.  Rahaf is a Digital Anthropologist, Best Selling Author, and Executive Director of the Red Thread Institute for Digital Culture.

Rahaf Harfoush ‘s latest book is called “Hustle and Float.” In it, she shows us that a lot of what we’ve been told about “work-life” balance is wrong… but more importantly… she shows us a better way to maximize our day… our creativity… and most importantly… our lives.  She came by this truth the hard way but getting blindsided by extreme burnout a few years ago.

So we talk about how it almost killed her career and how she fought back and how she learned to “float” too. It’s a beautiful, raw, and powerful conversation with some great insights, good stories, and practical strategies you can start using today!



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Wow… I don’t know if there’s been a better time to talk about ways to avoid burnout.


Seriously… right now… as we’re getting bombarded with all sorts of headlines and updates on a global scale.  Many are working from home… for the first time. Because of all of this… some of those normal boundaries of a “normal” workday are out the window… and many are asked to do

more with less.  So yes… the potential for burnout is a very real thing.  Maybe now more than ever.

That’s why I wanted to bring on an expert… both because she’s studied the subject in depth… and because she’s lived through a brutal first-hand experience which almost ended a career she loved… and it felt like it stripped away the very thing she’d always felt called to do.

As the Executive Director of the Red Thread Institute of Digital Culture, Rahaf Harfoush leads a team of researchers in exploring the implications of the world’s digital culture on our lives – from the way we date and parent, to the way we travel, work, and stay informed.

She helps organizations like the Starwood Capital Group, Deutche Bank, Estée Lauder, L’Oreal, and ING Direct… to name a few.  And her writing has been featured in Wired, The Globe and Mail, Fast Company, and many more.

Rahaf and her husband Jesse along with their puppy named Pixel live in France… but we got to meet for coffee in LA… when we were both there recently for speaking gigs.  

I found her absolutely fascinating… and she’s a true DREAM THINK DOer. so I wanted to bring her on the show!  And since she’s all about helping us navigate the bombardment of information… AND avoid burnout in these wild times… I thought it was THE perfect time to have her on.



  • 0:02 What to expect today!
  • 1:35 Meet Rahaf
  • 8:02 How Rahaf is passionate about the topic of burnout
  • 12:07 How burnout affected Rahaf
  • 16:45 How Rahaf overcame burn out
  • 21:20 Tips for avoiding burnout
  • 25:30 What does success look like to you?
  • 27:20 Creating time to be still
  • 32:04 You are more than what you do
  • 36:18 How to connect with Rahaf
  • 37:04 Wisdom of the week
  • 38:20 Mitch’s biggest takeaways



Let me know what stood out to you from this episode?  What’s something you’re going to try based on Rahaf’s story and strategies?  I’d love to hear from YOU! Leave a comment below and let’s keep this important conversation going.


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