3 Keys to the Millionaire Mindset (& breaking free from scarcity thinking)

David Osborn

3 Keys to the Millionaire Mindset (& breaking free from scarcity thinking)

My guest today is David Osborn. David is a best selling author, successful entrepreneur and real estate investor based in Austin, Texas. He’s going to bring 3 keys to building a millionaire mindset as well as breaking free from a scarcity mindset!

Now… Dream Think Doer… I know you’ll appreciate David’s story because although he’s wildly successful NOW, he wasn’t just handed all of this. He had to work at it. In fact, at the age of 26, he was broke, unemployed and he was fresh off a low-budget trip around the world.

But he got intentional and things started to change… big time.


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At 26, David decided to test his entrepreneurial theories… as well as lean on the wisdom and values he’d learned from his parents and from his global travels He started to partner with his mom (who was a real estate agent) and he started to experiment with real estate sales. It wasn’t a good fit initially, but David started to be intentional about who he was spending time with and who he was learning from.

Within 10 years, he was running one of the top real estate brokerages in the world.

Since then… he’s gone on to help launch over 50 companies.

I was introduced to David by my friend and past DREAM THINK DO guest Rock Thomas. You probably remember Rock from episode 219 (www.mitchmatthews.com/219) He brought pure gold. So when he suggested having David on the show… I was all in.

Although I’ve been impressed with his achievements… the more I dug into his story, I’ve been blown away by how everyone talks about him. They’ve said that he’s a BEAST at getting things done and being passionate and fully present wherever he goes. So THAT got me curious.

I wanted to get in his head to hear about his strategies for dreaming bigger, thinking better and doing more!

Plus… I have to say I really respect that with all of his business achievements, David points to his marriage to his talented wife, Traci, and their 3 awesome kiddos as his biggest priority and greatest accomplishment. I am totally on board with that!

He’s living the DREAM THINK DO life… and it’s going to be a great interview!

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Quick Episode Summary:

      • 0.02 What to expect today
      • 1.05 The opportunity you don’t want to miss
      • 2:55 Meet Davi6:11 What drives David
      • 7:23 When David got into real estate
      • 13:12 How to become Superman in your business
      • 18:14 Being purposeful
      • 19:00 Setting and achieving goals
      • 26:00 Putting yourself in a position to win
      • 28:59 How to connect with David
      • 29:17 Mitch’s biggest takeaways


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