4 Keys for Achieving Unstoppable Health

David Hauser

4 Keys for Achieving Unstoppable Health

My guest is David Hauser. David’s a serial entrepreneur and the author of “Unstoppable: 4 Steps to Transform Your Life.” He’s perhaps best known for co-founding and managing notable tech startups like Grasshopper and Chargify. (BTW… Grasshopper sold to Citrix for $170M in 2015) David is known as a true optimizer. In the last few years, he’s taken his approach to business (constant and intentional trial and error) and applied it to his health.

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David’s book:www.unstoppablebook.com

Today, David has shifted his optimization focus to health & fitness, sharing his journey of personal transformation in “Unstoppable.”

In the book, David documents the radical shifts he made in diet and exercise, as well as what he learned from taking nearly every test imaginable (blood tests, stool tests, sleep tests, DNA tests, etc.). David and the book have been featured in the New York Times, FastCompany, Business Insider, Forbes and CNN… just to name a few.

He’s now on a mission to bust long-standing myths around fad dieting, trendy workouts, and quick fixes, specifically calling out the health sacrifices that entrepreneurs are likely to make while pursuing lofty business goals.

“Unstoppable” is a testament to the power of micro-adjustments in driving huge, lasting changes for a healthier, more successful life.

In fact, Sumo.com’s founder, Noah Kagen said:

[Tweet “”That he doesn’t know anyone who has spent more time, money or effort on health optimization than David Hauser. Now we’re going to be able to learn from his findings.””]


Today we’re going to talk about some of the most important lessons he’s learned along the way, as well as dig into specific lifestyle changes we can ALL make to achieve optimal health.

Quick Episode Summary:

      • 0:02 What to expect today
      • 3:18 Welcome, David to the show!
      • 3:40 Why David became passionate about health
      • 6:36 How to get a better night sleep
      • 9:12 Preparing for a good night sleep
      • 12:34 The best thing to do to lose weight
      • 15:34 Eating whole foods
      • 17:56 How the body is designed to consume things
      • 18:45 The blood test we should take every year
      • 22:53 Wisdom of the week
      • 23:23 Mitch’s biggest takeaways

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