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Mitch Matthews :

Mitch Matthews is a true “Encourager of Encouragers.”

He’s been a full-time coach and speaker since 2002, and he’s been helping other coaches from around the world to build profitable businesses they love since 2008.

Mitch is wildly blessed to say that he’s been able to generate 7-figures in revenue as a coach and a speaker. Plus, he’s created events that have generated 7-figures in corporate sponsorships and his DREAM THINK DO podcast is in the top 0.5% of podcasts worldwide! Most importantly, he’s an introvert and he’s done all of this from a small city in the mid-west. So, if he can do it… so can YOU!

Lastly, Mitch is driven by a passion to help people to fully live the lives they were created to live! To make that happen, he wants to equip an army of coaches and speakers who can change the world for the better! (And get paid really well as they do!)

Feedback on working with Mitch:

“I think Mitch Matthews can help you jump start your coaching business. His training and coaching will help you to figure out how to start, launch and market your services like many of the highest paid coaches and speakers in the world do.” 
– Brendon Burchard, Best-Selling Author of “The Millionaire Messenger” & “The Charge”

“Working with Mitch made all the difference for me!  It has given me the clarity, confidence boost AND strategies I needed to move forward and make an even bigger impact!  Mitch… it has been THE best working with you – mentally, strategically AND spiritually!”
– Amberly Lago, Expert Mindset Coach, Author and Podcaster – AmberlyLago.com

“Since working with Mitch my income has tripled, I have started a new company, but most importantly, I am very, very happy and grateful!  Thanks again, Mitch!”
– Rush Nigut, Best-Selling Author and Founder of RushonBusiness.com

“I’ve been trying to build my coaching business for years.  I loved helping people but I wasn’t getting paid well for the work.  When I started working with Mitch, he showed me my blind spots and helped me fix them.  Plus, he showed me better systems so my business could grow!  Things have never been better.  In fact, I recently had my first $50K month and I’m attracting clients I love working with.  I’m so grateful for Mitch’s help!
– Tom Marino, Success Coach – Monarchlifecoaching.com

“I started from scratch.  But working with Mitch, I got my coaching business up and running in 3 months.  I’m making more per hour than I was as an Executive Director for a major medical device company.  More importantly, I’m having a blast and I’m truly helping people!” 
– Nick Bartelt, CEO and Founder of BarteltConsulting.com

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