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“Experienced leaders can make for a demanding audience, however Mitch quickly engaged our leadership team. The time Mitch spent with us was educational, interactive and meaningful. His genuine, positive and humorous style connected well with our team. Mitch was able to share simple techniques that resonated! I heard multiple comments about the value of the session. A powerful and impactful experience!
Marci Chickering
Executive Vice President, People and Process / Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield

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“It’s always a bit of a risk selecting a speaker for a meeting but I’m glad we picked Mitch Matthews because he does a great job relating to teams from all over the world. His energy and stories help keep people engaged and involved in the sessions. His approach allows the individuals opportunities to understand how to apply what he is teaching to their everyday life situations – both personal and professional.”
Jodi Neumann
Chief Accounting Officer, International Group / Principal Financial Group

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Mitch helped our Annual Conference audience to think differently, understand that change is a necessary part of our industry and they left inspired. I heard countless times how this was the best keynote speaker we’d had in 25 years. He moved all of us to think differently and now the organization is on fire!! Thanks Mitch for a job well done.”
Paul Bishop
CEO / Association of Boards of Certification

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“Maybe you are a little bit like me. When your company tells you they are bringing in a public speaker, you shut down physically and emotionally. Maybe like me, you think to yourself, “Great, here comes another outside person who knows absolutely nothing about our company and how we work, but they are going to try and give me five “new” concepts to apply to my job. Even if these concepts are actually good, I’m probably going to forget to use them in a week.” Through his creative delivery, personable approach, and attention to detail, Mitch managed to avoid the common pitfalls of public speakers when he spoke to our company. He was able to keep the audience engaged throughout his whole presentation. He also took the time to learn about our company and how our teams work. Because of this, the concepts he presented actually made sense and were actionable. If you need a public speaker for your organization, I highly recommend Mitch Matthews!”
David Eickelberg
Software Release Director / Workiva

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